Auto Malawi x Northern Lights
Auto Malawi x Northern Lights

Auto Malawi x Northern Lights by Ace Seeds

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Introducing Auto Malawi x Northern Lights, the first 100% autoflowering variety of ACE Seeds.Sativa/indica hybrid of excellent vigor and structure, producing a huge main tail and powerful side branches loaded with well resinous buds, which will surprise even the most experienced autoflowering growers with its production and quality.

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This first version of this hybrid produces 3 main phenotypes. The first phenotype indicates more mature in only 8 weeks since the beginning of flowering, with an average production. The second phenotype (the most interesting one in our opinion) produces powerful sativa/indica plants (with a flowering period of about 9 and a half weeks), with an enormous production, very complex terpenes profile, abundant resin production and an excellent flower/leaf ratio. The third and final phenotype develops in flowering practically as a pure sativa (so it usually needs about 10 weeks of flowering), allowing the autoflowering grower to experiment with very sativa African phenotypes and rare in the current autoflowering varieties.

The terpene profiles offered by this variety are fragrant and complex. The flowering aromas can vary between Petit Suisse and strawberry yoghurt (in the purple phenotypes more sativa), and fruit juice aromas (pineapple, pear, peach) in the green phenotypes sativa/indica more productive. The most extreme sativa phenotypes are more woody and of longer flowering.

As usual with autoflowering varieties, Auto Malawi x Northern Lights starts to flower 4 to 5 weeks after germination, regardless of the indoor photoperiod or outdoor time of year, allowing it to ripen correctly in latitudes far from the equator where photo-dependent varieties start to flower too late to ripen in time.

It can also be cultivated in mid-latitude climates, so that when it germinates in spring it has just matured in summer, being able to benefit in flowering from longer days with greater light intensity and warmer temperatures, anticipating the usual autumn harvest of the photo-dependent varieties.

Excellent adaptability in indoor crops, being able to harvest together with the mothers with a photoperiod of growth, and thus be able to obtain a harvest without having to prepare a separate growing area with different photoperiods, as is the case with photodependent varieties.

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