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Biscotti x Off Road
Biscotti x Off Road
Biscotti x Off Road
Biscotti x Off Road

Biscotti x Off Road by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms

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Biscotti x Off-Road is one of 2 strains from the limited-edition collaborative line of strains from The Original Big Buddha Family Farms, with the Biscotti x Off-Road being a collaboration with Jamie Kusher.

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The mother of this cross is the notorious clone-only USA modern classic, Biscotti. The real deal cut of Biscotti is a special girl, instantly recognisable thanks to her unique blend of tons of gas, cookies & cake terps. The overall combination of these flavours results in a truly fire strain that’s widely considered by connoisseurs everywhere as an all-day, everyday strain that can be smoked from morning to evening. This was the perfect elite cut to cross with the Off-Road male that Jamie Kusher bred and selected.

The Off-Road began with the infamous heavy hitter, Face Off OG from Archive Seed Bank, a strain selected and crossed to the Road Dawg from Karma Genetics. Face-Off OG is known for its potent gas, whereas the Road Dawg typically produces notes of sour & gas thanks to the Biker Kush & Star Dawg lineage.
Biscotti x Off-Road Regular Cannabis Seeds by The Original Big Buddha Family Farms are undoubtedly going to be a gas lover's dream, thanks to the heavy gas influence throughout the lineage. The overall terp profile mixes the classic exotic profile of the Biscotti with tons of gas, cake and hints of sour the overall effects are intense giving you a long-lasting full-bodied high.


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