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Pre Bubba
Pre Bubba

Pre-98 Bubba BX2 by The Cali Connection

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Pre 98 Bubba by The Cali Connection is a cannabis seed that derives from the backcross of a Pre'98 Bubba clone. The result is a high-yielding, fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, Indica-dominant, regular cannabis strain that grows strong, powerful and vigorous.

It obtained the 1st place of the High Times Medical Cup 2011 in the category High CBD.

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Pre 98 Bubba produces a small marijuana plant with a strong compact structure, short distance between nodes and large broad leaves. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is undoubtedly one of the best you can find on the market today, among other things, for the record speed at which it flowers: it is ready to harvest in just 50-55 days. It grows with the appearance of a very bushy bush with very wide leaves of a dark green color that sometimes have to be trimmed so that its beautiful and compact buds shaped like small spheres can develop comfortably. We are convinced that Indica lovers will appreciate both the quality of its particular aroma and its effect, which invites you to relax completely.

Pre 98 Bubba performs well indoors, especially in small spaces, since a small corner in a room is all it needs to develop fully. Outdoors, it appreciates temperate and Mediterranean climates or the greenhouse. It is advisable to use a moderate fertilization to optimize the yield. Otherwise, we recommend to try this variety of marijuana, as it is particularly liked by our team.

Pre 98 Bubba has an intense aroma and taste, with notes of sweet fruit, lemon, gasoline, fresh flowers and spices. It is an ideal marijuana strain for those who are looking for a relaxing, powerful and long lasting effect.

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