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Buddha Tahoe OG
Buddha Tahoe OG

Buddha Tahoe OG by The Cali Connection

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Buddha Tahoe OG develops small/medium-sized marijuana plants with a resistant structure, short/medium distance between nodes and wide leaves. It is a Kush hybrid that will satisfy all OG Kush lovers, as it has properties of the highest level in terms of aroma, yield and effect.

It won 3rd place in the Coffee Shop category of the High Times Amsterdam Awards.

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Buddha Tahoe OG is undoubtedly the best variety of the collection, since the rich fruity and complex aroma it gives off is faithfully reflected in its delicious flavor. It is no coincidence that it is so popular in the Los Angeles area. With very little work it offers an abundant harvest of compact, heavy and resinous buds that endlessly stimulate the taste buds.

Buddha Tahoe OG offers good results both indoors and outdoors, in temperate and Mediterranean climates or in greenhouses. There is no doubt that this is one of the best OG Kush in the collection and maybe even one of the best in the world. If you are a fan of the Kush you can not miss this variety of marijuana and, having some space, it may be interesting to make a small selection to keep a copy as a mother plant.

Buddha Tahoe OG has an intense aroma and taste, with notes of fresh lemon, gasoline, kerosene, red fruits and spices. It is an ideal cannabis strain for those who are looking for a cerebral and physical effect of narcotic type, powerful and long lasting.

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