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Coltrane 1:2
Coltrane 1:2
Coltrane 1:2
Coltrane 1:2

Coltrane 1:2 by Taima Seeds

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For CBD lovers, a balanced strain with a ratio of 1:2 - 4.97% THC and 10% CBD.

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Characteristics of the Coltrane 1:2

Coltrane 1:2 CBD is a perfect strain to consume before a social gathering in which you do not want to feel your body too heavy or simply to be able to combine the consumption with the realization of different tasks such as study, creation, the practice of a hobby or something as important as taking care of your children.

We are talking about a strain that stands out for its proportions of THC and CBD. It maintains a stable 1:2 ratio that manages to significantly reduce its psychoactivity but without canceling it completely so that you can enjoy it in a lighter way.

The Coltrane is a plant that makes growers fall in love for the computation of characteristics it offers, from its easy cultivation to its soft and pleasant flavors accompanied by such a pleasant and moderate effect.

Cultivation and yield

Coltrane 1:2 is a marijuana strain with a very powerful growth and a fascinatingly fast development. In conclusion it is a perfect choice for beginner growers both for its ease of cultivation and for its early harvest that will avoid problems with the autumn rains.

This is probably the most resinous variety of our CBD line. It forms tremendous buds that look like pine cones, conical and full of snow.

Indoors it grows with a lot of strength and vigor, so we recommend a vegetative growth period of 7 to 10 days maximum, otherwise you will have problems to control its height.

This jewel has a pace of development that will leave you fascinated because it completes the entire life cycle at high speed. Specifically, it has a flowering period that can vary between 55 and 58 days, producing like a champion that can reach 600 grams per square meter.

Outdoors is where the Coltrane 1:2 brings out its full potential for growth and production. It forms bushes that can exceed 3 meters and perfectly 1000 grams of dry buds once harvested.

It will be ready for mid-September, so the most anxious smokers will be satisfied sooner than usual. This is also an advantage because cutting early will avoid the autumn rains that often bring us problems related to fungi.

Aroma and flavor

The Coltrane 1:2 CBD is a variety of marijuana that gives off soft and floral smells when it has not yet been harvested, since once dry its smell is combined with hints of Afghan hash.

When you smoke it, the hashish flavor will intensify with clear flavors of damp earth and more subtly you can also appreciate delicious citrus notes.

A very pleasant experience of soft and natural flavors that old school smokers love.

Effect and potency

In this section is where the Coltrane 1:2 stands out from other varieties in our catalog, both the CBD line and those rich in THC. It is certainly a strain that brings great benefits of cannabidiol while letting us enjoy the pleasures of th.

Specifically, it contains 4.97% THC and 10% CBD, which is expressed as a 1:2 ratio since for each part of THC we find two parts of CBD in its composition.

When smoking it you will experience a very pleasant sensation as it perfectly combines the effects of both cannabinoids. You will feel a deep relaxation accompanied by an aura of positivism and happiness.

An impeccable work of R & D by our breeders who have managed to develop this hybrid with an unbeatable balance as far as effects are concerned. In short, Coltrane 1:2 has shown that it is a variety suitable ''for all audiences'', establishing itself as one of the CBD Rich varieties with more weight in the market.

Coltrane 1:2 is a feminized cannabis seed that offers a world of therapeutic possibilities. From Taima Seeds we wanted to have in our catalog with a marijuana that has such a potential to alleviate ailments and after a long work, here it is...

Taking into account the ratio 1:2 THC:CBD found in its composition, we can obtain benefits from both cannabinoids so the range of possibilities is greatly expanded.

In relation to THC this variety works wonders to treat insomnia problems as it plunges you into a deep relaxation but without adverse effects such as anxiety or similar.

With regard to its high CBD content, it is a variety highly recommended for the treatment of pain of different origins, muscle spasms, anxiety, migraines and eating disorders.

The Coltrane 1:2 of Taima Seeds will be able to help you in many other aspects but you will discover it by yourself...

How to grow Coltrane 1:2?
Coltrane 1:2 is a plant that offers many facilities to the grower because it requires minimal care with which you will get great productions and a first class quality.

The only thing that must be taken into account is the large size of these plants, so indoors we recommend a vegetative period not exceeding 10 days and outdoors germinate them at the end of April if you do not want to form plants of 2 - 3 meters.

What terpenes dominate in the Coltrane 1:2 and what are their properties?
As you may already know, the medicinal properties do not only come from cannabinoids but can also be found in terpenes. These are aromatic organic compounds derived from Isoprene found in the trichomes and among other functions, protect plants from temperatures, insects, predators...

In the Coltrane 1:2 we find a great diversity of terpenes, but those that occupy the greatest proportion of the composition are the following:

Beta-myrcene: this is a monoterpene with proven abilities to treat pleurisy as well as other types of inflammation.
Alpha-pinene: a terpene widely used as a natural remedy to alleviate inflammations, microbial infections and also eating disorders.
A-bisabolol: widely used in cosmetics for its anti-irritant and antibacterial properties.


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