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Secret Agent
Secret Agent
Secret Agent
Secret Agent

Secret Agent (StarFire Genetix)

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Discover Secret Agent, the collaboration between Grandiflora Genetics and StarFire Genetix. Its mother, Project 4516, is a Grandiflora Genetics flagship strain and the basis of many award-winning varieties. Secret Agent is a predominantly indica strain, with an intense gassy terpene profile and an attractive purple color. It produces large yields of dense purple buds covered in resin. The effects are creamy and sedative, leaving you on the couch after devouring everything in the fridge.

The pollinator, Permanent Marker, is an outstanding strain created from (Biscotti X Sherb BX1) and Jealousy F2 #5. Don't miss out on this exceptional combination!

  • 5 feminized

Project 4516 x Permanent Marker
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