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Caramellow Kush Auto
Caramellow Kush Auto
Caramellow Kush Auto
Caramellow Kush Auto

Caramellow Kush Auto by Sensi Seeds

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Caramellow Kush Automatic is a feminized strain with a 75% indica / 25% sativa parental lineage. Flowering finishes in around 55 to 70 days from the initial signs of pistils. Compact growth fills the internodal spacing with big, chunky, trichome-covered buds. A high-yielding plant, Caramellow Kush Automatic boasts a sweet and fruity terpene profile.

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Caramellow Kush Automatic has taken two premier and exotic lines with Gorilla and Zkittles Automatic and then united them into something magical. The effects of this strain are a physical sensation focusing on relieving bodily stresses that exist in daily life. While the effects of Caramellow Kush represent the Gorilla side of the genetic lineage, cultivators can expect a flavour explosion, thanks to the Zkittles influence.

The growth pattern of Caramellow Kush Automatic

Caramellow Kush is an autoflowering variety, evident in this plant's short and compact nature. Common of indica varieties, gardeners will appreciate the sturdy lateral branches that will support the heavy bud-set of this strain. Due to the bushy and dense nature of Caramellow Kush Automatic, regular defoliation is encouraged to increase the airflow within the canopy.

Once gardeners begin the see the female pistils growing from the junctures on upper branches, the flowering period begins. This stage will last for 55 to 70 days. This plant has an average stretch period. Overall, Caramellow Kush Automatic seeds reach a finished height of 80 to 100 cm indoors. Outdoors, gardeners can anticipate slightly larger plants of 90 to 120 cm.

Caramellow Kush Automatic is a large yielder in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils. Cultivators can anticipate large yields of up to 550 grams per m² indoors. Outdoors, gardeners have successfully harvested up to 450 grams per plant. Autoflowering varieties are great for increasing the number of outdoor harvests possible per year.

The buds of Caramellow Kush are big and chunky. Buds are dense and compactly spaced on the short, sturdy branches. Sticky to the touch, every bud will shine with trichome coverage that leaves no surface-area bare. The overall shape of the buds is similar to many of the crowd-favourite Kush strains. Caramellow Kush is easy to grow and is a low-maintenance strain that doesn't require any special or specific training to produce large yields.

Effect, taste, and smell of Caramellow Kush Automatic

Caramellow Kush Automatic seeds grow into a spectacular plant that often demonstrates the sought-after fragrances and effects from special high-end indica varieties. While the effects may be reminiscent of the Gorilla lineage, the taste strongly gravitates towards the Zkittles Auto influence.

When the work is done for the day, and it is time to relax safely, the effects of Caramellow Kush Automatic deliver. At the onset, a warm wave of tingling energy travels from head to toe as the physical body stone sets in, a sense of relaxation soothes the body. Muscles begin to feel looser, and overall tension calmly slips away. Caramellow Kush Automatic has been reported as a great option after a physically demanding workout.

During the vegetation, aromas are subdued in and around the indoor garden. As Caramellow Kush Automatic matures, the fragrances leaving this plant become more present. Overall, the odours are slight, but air filtration systems can be used if the grower wants to contain the aroma.

Caramellow Kush Automatic features a beautiful concoction of terpenes inherited equally from the parental lines. Terpenes indicative of the Gorilla genetics make themselves known in the form of earthy and woody aromas. Sharing the stage are the intoxicatingly sweet and fruit-like smells from the Zkittles influence, and hints of refreshing pinene.

Where the two parental lines had contributed equally before, the taste of Caramellow Kush Automatic is all Zkittles. Mouth-watering flavours burst from the dried flowers with a decadent sweetness on the tongue. Equally present is an assembly of fresh fruit that leaps forward to grab its share of the spotlight. Hiding amongst that fruit flavour is a distinct hint of ripe and juicy mango, finished with a dash of refreshing pinene.


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