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Auto Blueberry Bubblegum (Sensi Seeds Research) Autoflower
Auto Blueberry Bubblegum (Sensi Seeds Research) Autoflower

Auto Blueberry Bubblegum by Sensi Seeds

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Auto Blueberry Bubblegum from Sensi Seeds is your gateway to unparalleled relaxation and euphoria. This 80% indica-dominant strain, born from the legendary Gelato #420 and Sunset Sherbet, promises a swift flowering period and an explosion of flavors, from sweet bubblegum to fresh blueberries. Easy to grow and perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, it's the ideal choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, hassle-free harvest. Experience the ultimate in potency and aroma with Auto Blueberry Bubblegum.

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Auto Blueberry Bubblegum Strain Info

Dive into the world of Auto Blueberry Bubblegum seeds, a delectable concoction from the esteemed Sensi Seeds bank, promising a journey through time and taste. This strain is a spectacular crossbreed of Gelato #420 and Sunset Sherbet, marrying the best of both worlds to produce a predominantly Indica (80%) experience with a dash of Sativa (20%). Its genetic lineage not only promises a relaxing, body-focused high but also a cultivation journey filled with color and aroma.

The morphology of the Auto Blueberry Bubblegum plant is a sight to behold, showcasing a compact structure adorned with vibrant green and purple hues as it blooms. Its Indica dominance ensures a stout stature and a swift march to maturity, ideal for growers looking for a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality or yield. This strain thrives both indoors and outdoors, in temperate to continental climates, making it a versatile choice for various cultivation setups.

Flowering Time

Expect a flowering period of just 55-65 days for the Auto Blueberry Bubblegum, a testament to its autoflowering nature. This rapid bloomer reaches heights of 70-100 cm indoors, while outdoor plants can stretch a bit taller, all without the need for light cycle manipulation. Its robust branches are perfectly capable of supporting the weight of its sizeable, resin-coated buds, promising a bountiful harvest of 250-300 grams per m2 indoors and up to 200 grams per plant outdoors.


The effects of the Auto Blueberry Bubblegum strain are as delightful as its flavor profile. Prepare for a full-body relaxation that soothes the muscles while lifting the spirit, creating a perfect backdrop for creativity and happiness. The euphoric onset is complemented by a rich bouquet of flavors and aromas, ranging from the sweetness of bubblegum and fresh blueberries to the earthy undertones of pepper and herbs.

While specific details on THC and CBD content are not provided, the dense trichome coverage on its buds hints at a potent cannabinoid profile, ensuring both recreational and therapeutic benefits. Growers will appreciate its straightforward cultivation, requiring no advanced techniques like SCROG or supercropping, making it an excellent choice for both novices and experienced cultivators alike.

Cultivating Auto Blueberry Bubblegum is a breeze, thanks to its resilience against common pests and diseases. This strain’s hardiness and autoflowering characteristics make it a foolproof option for growers looking to maximize their yields without constant vigilance. Whether you're a professional or hobbyist, these seeds from Sensi Seeds offer a seamless grow experience tailored to a wide range of climates and conditions.

Growing Tips and Our Take

When cultivating Auto Blueberry Bubblegum seeds, one trick to maximize yield is ensuring they receive plenty of light—opt for a 20/4 light schedule during the entire cycle. This strain's autoflowering nature means it will bloom regardless of light hours, but ample light boosts growth and bud development. Also, despite its resistance to pests and diseases, maintaining proper airflow and humidity levels can prevent any potential issues before they arise, keeping your plants healthy and thriving.

What captivates us most about the Auto Blueberry Bubblegum strain is its remarkable fusion of flavor and color. The transition of hues during flowering, combined with the mouthwatering aroma of bubblegum and fresh berries, truly sets this variety apart. It’s a sensory delight not just in effects and taste but in its appearance as well. Cultivating this strain feels like crafting a piece of art, making it a favorite among our team and customers alike.

Strain Characteristics

  • Genetics: Cross between Gelato #420 and Sunset Sherbet
  • Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 55-65 days
  • Height: 70-100 cm indoors / 100+ cm outdoors
  • Yield: 250-300 g/m2 indoors / up to 200 g per plant outdoors
  • THC/CBD Content: High THC / Low to medium CBD (exact percentages not provided)
  • Aroma and Flavor: Bubblegum, blueberry, citrus, with hints of pepper, herbs, and gasoline
  • Effects: Relaxing, euphoric, creativity-inducing, happiness
  • Cultivation: Easy to grow; suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups in temperate/continental climates
  • Resistance: High resistance to pests and diseases


Is Auto Blueberry Bubblegum sativa or indica?

Auto Blueberry Bubblegum is primarily an indica strain, with a genetic makeup of 80% indica and 20% sativa. This blend offers the best of both worlds, combining the relaxing, body-soothing effects characteristic of indicas with the uplifting, creative euphoria often found in sativas. Indica strains are typically associated with a more relaxing and sedative effect, ideal for evening use, while sativas are known for their energizing and mentally stimulating impact, making them suitable for daytime use. Auto Blueberry Bubblegum's indica dominance means it leans more towards providing a calming experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

What is the flowering time of Auto Blueberry Bubblegum?

The flowering time of Auto Blueberry Bubblegum is relatively short, ranging from 55 to 65 days. Thanks to its autoflowering nature, this strain will automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage with age, rather than requiring a change in light cycles. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a swift harvest.

Can Auto Blueberry Bubblegum be grown outdoors?

Yes, Auto Blueberry Bubblegum thrives both indoors and outdoors. It is particularly well-suited to temperate and continental climates when grown outside. This strain’s resilience and compact stature allow it to adapt well to various outdoor growing conditions, promising a generous yield under the sun’s natural rays.

What are the effects of Auto Blueberry Bubblegum?

Auto Blueberry Bubblegum delivers a profoundly relaxing body high that is complemented by a euphoric and creatively stimulating head buzz. This combination makes it an excellent choice for those seeking relief from stress and physical discomfort, as well as individuals looking to enhance their creative endeavors or simply enjoy a peaceful, joyous state of mind.

How difficult is it to grow Auto Blueberry Bubblegum?

Auto Blueberry Bubblegum is considered easy to grow, making it a perfect option for both novice and experienced cultivators. Its autoflowering trait simplifies the growing process by eliminating the need for light cycle adjustments. Moreover, its natural resistance to pests and diseases further reduces the grower’s workload, ensuring a straightforward cultivation experience from seed to harvest.

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