Big Bud
Big Bud

Big Bud by Seedstockers

5.49 €

Big Bud is one of the most intense varieties growing in the Seedstockers collection. Productive and potent this variety was created especially for XL blooms with permanently high THC levels.

  • 1 feminized
  • 3 feminized
  • 5 feminized
  • 25 feminized

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The genetics of Big Bud are from a verified genetic line, which means that you will get a stable growth from one crop to the next. Due to the size of the buds and the risk of mold, this strain grows best in grow rooms where the humidity is not too high. Lab tests have shown that Seedstockers Big Bud has THC levels of 22% +. Achieving XL harvests does not mean high levels of quality. We recommend this strain to more experienced growers who can push the genetics to the limit.


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