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Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Ice (Royal Queen Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off

Ice by Royal Queen Seeds

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Experience the unparalleled chill of the Ice strain from Royal Queen Seeds! With its signature frosted buds rich in resin, Ice boasts classic Afghan x (Northern Light x Skunk) genetics, ensuring a powerfully relaxing high. Perfect for late-night relaxation or relieving chronic pain, Ice is also a top-choice for hash lovers, delivering the finest quality extracts. Indulge in this 90% Indica dominant hybrid and let its balanced earthy-spicy flavor with a hint of mint transport you to a realm of tranquility. Let the Ice frost over your stress and sleepless nights!

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Behold the mesmerizing Ice, a premium cannabis strain by the renowned Royal Queen Seeds. Ice is an embodiment of power and aesthetics, with its gleaming crystals and soothing effects captivating the senses of cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. This blend of pure Afghan, Northern Lights, and Skunk guarantees a unique experience characterized by an extreme body relaxation and a subtle flavor profile.

A Masterpiece of Genetics: Afghan x (Northern Lights x Skunk)

The Ice strain owes its exceptional qualities to a brilliant combination of three potent strains. A blend of pure Afghan with a hybrid of Northern Lights and Skunk results in the Indica Crystal Extreme (ICE), a stunningly adorned plant fully clad in resin glands. Its trichome-laden buds shimmer like a frosty winter morning, giving it a fitting moniker - ICE.

As an Indica-dominant variety, ICE stays compact, rarely exceeding 1m in indoor environments. However, given the freedom to sprawl in outdoor settings, it can stretch up to a maximum height of 2m. Even with its compact stature, some light pruning and topping can encourage lateral growth, enhancing the final yield.

Ice: An Exemplary Producer

The yield of ICE is commendable, with around 500-550g per plant outdoors and approximately 400-450g/m² under a 600W light indoors. It thrives in warm climates akin to Spain or California. After an 8-week flowering period, ICE is ready for harvest. However, many cultivators prefer to wait until the 10th week to maximize resin content, which gives the buds a frosty, glittering appearance.

Even as the ICE strain matures at a slightly slower pace, the wait is undeniably worth the incredibly satisfying smoking experience it provides. Its robust Indica genetics transmutes into a wave of full-body relaxation, ideally savored during the late hours of the day. The strain's flavor profile is a balanced blend of earthy and spicy notes, with a hint of mint, culminating in a soothing experience.

Royal Queen Seeds: A Legacy of Quality

Royal Queen Seeds is a brand synonymous with top-notch quality and consistency in the cannabis industry. They are well-known for their extensive range of cannabis strains that cater to a variety of preferences. From the most experienced connoisseurs to beginners stepping into the enchanting world of cannabis, Royal Queen Seeds has something for everyone. Their remarkable ICE strain is testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation.

As a brand, Royal Queen Seeds continuously invests in enhancing the genetics of their cannabis strains, ensuring they provide their customers with the highest quality seeds, characterized by impressive germination rates and robust growth.

By choosing Royal Queen Seeds, you are not only purchasing a product, but also becoming a part of a community that appreciates quality and values customer satisfaction above all. With their reliable customer service, product variety, and commitment to quality, Royal Queen Seeds provides a seamless and satisfying experience for every cannabis enthusiast.

We invite you to enjoy the exceptional Ice strain from Royal Queen Seeds, available at Oaseeds. Experience the soothing, full-body relaxation, and the delightful mix of earthy, spicy, and minty flavors that this strain offers. You'll find yourself drawn to its enchanting, frosted buds time and again. Place your order today at Oaseeds, and immerse yourself in the superior quality and unique experiences that our products offer.


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