Otter Popz Strain (Oaseeds) Feminized Seeds
Otter Popz Strain (Oaseeds) Feminized Seeds

Otter Popz by Oaseeds

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Otter Popz by Oaseeds combines the potent genetics of Gelato 41 and Animal Mints to deliver up to 33% THC. This balanced hybrid offers sweet fruity flavors, and an impressive yield of up to 700g/m². Perfect for both novice and experienced growers seeking quality and potency.

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Otter Popz Strain Info

Otter Popz is a true gem in the cannabis world, blending the new-school flavors of Gelato 41 and Animal Mints with a classic touch of Kosher Kush. This hybrid strain is a masterpiece born from the legendary cross of these giants, resulting in a phenomenon that has captured the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. With up to 33% THC, Otter Popz promises an unforgettable experience.

The plant itself stands out with a compact structure and moderate branching. Most specimens display stunning purple tones, making it a visual delight in any grow. Its dense, diamond-shaped buds are a sight to behold, with a forest green hue adorned by fine orange hairs and a layer of white crystal trichomes tinged with dark amber. These trichomes drip with a sweet, sticky resin, making it a top choice for hash production. Growers, both novice and experienced, appreciate its excellent calyx-to-leaf ratio and large bracts, which simplify the manicuring process.

Flowering Time & Yield

Indoors, Otter Popz completes its flowering cycle in just 60-70 days, allowing for multiple harvests per year. This strain is a productivity powerhouse, offering yields of up to 700 grams per square meter. Outdoors, under optimal conditions, it can produce between 600 and 800 grams per plant. Its robustness and resistance make it suitable for various climates, as long as it gets plenty of sunlight and quality nutrients.

Otter Popz thrives in warm, sunny climates but also adapts well to controlled indoor environments. Ensure the plants receive ample light, whether natural or artificial, and maintain proper nutrient levels. This strain shows notable resistance to nutrient fluctuations and has a high EC tolerance, making it easier to manage throughout the grow cycle. While it's generally resistant to pests and diseases, regular vigilance and preventive measures like using organic products can help keep the plants healthy and productive.

Effects and Aroma

The taste of Otter Popz is a sensory explosion, blending sweet and fruity flavors reminiscent of childhood treats. Expect a delightful mix of cherry and berry flavors with a hint of creamy, sour citrus. The aroma is equally enchanting, featuring notes of menthol, nutty, and earthy undertones. Each puff is a journey through a sweet and sugary paradise.

The effects are nothing short of spectacular. With a THC content ranging from 30% to 33%, Otter Popz delivers an almost instantaneous high. Users will experience a surge of euphoria, with the mind feeling light, happy, and creatively inspired. This strain is perfect for those moments when you need an extra boost of inspiration or just want to enjoy a good laugh. The high is characterized by fits of giggles alternating with moments of unique creative clarity.

Otter Popz also boasts impressive medicinal properties. It's an ideal choice for treating chronic stress, PTSD, depression, mood swings, and appetite loss or nausea. This balanced effect makes it a versatile option for both recreational and medicinal use.

Growing Tips & Our Take

For those venturing into growing Otter Popz, we recommend paying attention to the light levels. This strain loves abundant light, so whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, ensure your plants receive plenty of it. Regular pruning can help improve air circulation and light penetration, promoting healthier growth and better yields. Keep an eye on the nutrient levels, as Otter Popz handles fluctuations well but thrives best with a steady supply of quality nutrients.

What excites us the most about Otter Popz is its remarkable resilience and adaptability. It’s not every day you come across a strain that combines such high potency with ease of cultivation. The stunning purple hues and dense, resinous buds are just the cherry on top. This strain is a true testament to the advancements in cannabis breeding, delivering both visually and in terms of effects.


  • Genetics: Gelato 41 x Animal Mints
  • Type: Feminized, Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)
  • THC Content: 30-33%
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Height: Compact structure
  • Flowering Time: 60-70 days
  • Yield Indoor: Up to 700g/m²
  • Yield Outdoor: 600-800g/plant
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, fruity, cherry, berry, creamy, sour citrus
  • Aroma: Sour citrus, fruity, menthol, nutty, earthy
  • Effects: Creative, euphoria, giggly, happy, uplifting
  • Medical Uses: Chronic stress, PTSD, depression, mood swings, appetite loss, nausea
  • Resistance: High resistance to pests and diseases
  • Climate: Prefers warm, sunny climates; adaptable to indoor cultivation
  • Difficult Level: Medium


Is Otter Popz sativa or indica?

Otter Popz is a perfectly balanced hybrid, consisting of 50% sativa and 50% indica. Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energetic effects, making them ideal for daytime use. They tend to have longer flowering times and grow taller with lighter green leaves. Indica strains, on the other hand, are famous for their relaxing and sedative effects, better suited for evening use. They typically have shorter flowering times and grow shorter with darker green, broader leaves. Otter Popz offers the best of both worlds, providing a balanced high that stimulates creativity while also delivering deep relaxation.

What are the optimal growing conditions for Otter Popz?

Otter Popz thrives in warm, sunny climates and adapts well to indoor cultivation. Ensure the plants receive plenty of light and maintain consistent nutrient levels. Regular pruning can help improve air circulation and light penetration. This strain also shows remarkable resistance to pests and diseases, making it relatively easy to manage.

How long does Otter Popz take to flower?

Indoors, Otter Popz completes its flowering cycle in just 60-70 days, allowing for multiple harvests per year. Outdoors, it’s typically ready for harvest by mid-October in the northern hemisphere and mid-April in the southern hemisphere.

What is the yield of Otter Popz?

Indoors, you can expect up to 700 grams per square meter. Outdoors, under optimal conditions, Otter Popz can produce between 600 and 800 grams per plant.


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