Cookies Haze
Cookies Haze
Cookies Haze
Cookies Haze

Cookies Haze by Oaseeds

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Cookies Haze is a very sativa-looking plant, quite spiky and thin-leafed, with a physiognomy similar to a pine.

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This plant will grow enthusiastically, so we recommend that you switch to flowering indoors before the other plants so that it stays at 90 cm or 1 meter.

It has long internodal distance, with long branches too. This is a very easy plant to grow, very resistant to pests -especially red spider-, and it will be difficult to over-fertilize it.

Outdoors it can become a real monster, with possibilities of exceeding three meters if planted directly in the ground. The buds are large and very dense, so special attention should be paid to this plant to prevent it from becoming a brothel if the humidity levels are too high.

The THC levels of this plant are very high, up to 25%, which can give us a complete and very durable high; euphoric without being psychedelic, a jolt of happiness ideal to boost creativity during the day. And of course, it tastes delicious, sweet and fruity; it will remind you of a jelly bean.


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