Cereal Milk Auto (Oaseeds) Autoflowering Seeds
Cereal Milk Auto (Oaseeds) Autoflowering Seeds

Cereal Milk Auto by Oaseeds

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Cereal Milk Auto by Oaseeds combines the irresistible sweetness of your favorite breakfast cereal with a potent 18-23% THC content. Easy to grow with rapid 8-10 week flowering, it offers abundant resin-rich buds and a balanced, euphoric high. Discover this top-tier hybrid strain today!

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Cereal Milk Auto Strain Info

Cereal Milk Auto is a dazzling fusion of Y Life, Snowman, and Ruderalis, creating a hybrid marvel that's turning heads and tantalizing taste buds. Imagine a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal, sweet and creamy, with a splash of fruity goodness—that's the magic packed into these cannabis seeds.

This strain grows into a compact beauty, perfect for growers of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or just starting, Cereal Milk Auto makes it easy. The plants reach a manageable height of 1-4 feet indoors and 5-8 feet outdoors, adorned with dense, resin-rich buds that sparkle with crystal trichomes. The visual appeal is undeniable, making every grow an Instagram-worthy experience.

Flowering Time & Yield

Patience is rewarded with this strain as it completes its life cycle in a swift 8-10 weeks. The yields are impressive, delivering around 400 grams per square meter indoors and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. It's a prolific performer, ensuring your efforts translate into abundant, high-quality harvests.

Effects and Aroma

Cereal Milk Auto is not just a feast for the eyes but also a delight for the senses. The THC content ranges from 18% to 23%, offering a potent yet balanced high. Initially, it lifts you with a euphoric, energetic buzz, filling you with happiness and a touch of giggly joy. As the high progresses, a soothing wave of relaxation takes over, leaving you calm and content.

The aroma and flavor are a sensory treat. Think of sweet berries and fruits, with subtle hints of pine and vanilla, reminiscent of that last sip of cereal milk. It's a flavor explosion that's hard to resist. The 1% CBD content adds a touch of therapeutic balance, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal users.

For those dealing with aches, pains, or a lack of appetite, Cereal Milk Auto steps in as a sweet savior. It alleviates discomfort and stimulates hunger without the couch-lock effect. Users find themselves energized and ready to tackle the day, thanks to its unique blend of effects.

Cultivation Tips & Our Thoughts

When it comes to growing Cereal Milk Auto, we recommend a few tips to maximize your harvest. First, ensure your plants get plenty of light and space. This strain loves basking under a strong light source, and good airflow helps those dense buds develop beautifully. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) method or low-stress training can significantly boost your yields.

Another trick is to keep an eye on the temperature. While Cereal Milk Auto is fairly resilient, it prefers a stable, warm, and dry climate. Heat stress can be a concern, so maintaining optimal conditions will prevent any unnecessary plant stress.

Cereal Milk Auto boasts robust resistance to pests and diseases, thriving in warm, dry, and stable climates. It's moderately easy to cultivate, making it accessible to all, from novices to experts. With proper care, attention, and a little love, this strain flourishes, rewarding growers with lush, resin-coated buds.

What truly excites us about Cereal Milk Auto is its combination of easy cultivation and impressive yield. The fact that it matures in just 8-10 weeks and produces such resin-rich buds makes it a game-changer for both novices and experienced growers. Its striking appearance and robust growth are a testament to its well-balanced genetics.


  • Genetics: Y Life x Snowman x Ruderalis
  • THC Content: 18% - 23%
  • CBD Content: 1%
  • Height: Indoors 1-4 feet, Outdoors 5-8 feet
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks
  • Indoor Yield: 400 grams per square meter
  • Outdoor Yield: 500 grams per plant
  • Climate: Warm, dry, stable
  • Resistance: Pests and diseases
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Aroma: Sweet, fruity, with hints of pine and vanilla
  • Flavor: Sweet berries, fruity, with floral undertones


Is Cereal Milk Auto sativa or indica?

Cereal Milk Auto is a hybrid strain, blending both sativa and indica characteristics. Sativas typically offer uplifting and energetic effects, making them ideal for daytime use, while indicas provide a more sedative, relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding. Cereal Milk Auto captures the best of both worlds, giving you a balanced high that's both euphoric and calming.

How long does it take for Cereal Milk Auto to flower?

Cereal Milk Auto has a rapid flowering time, typically taking only 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity. This makes it an excellent choice for growers looking for a quick turnaround and plentiful harvests.

What kind of yields can I expect from Cereal Milk Auto?

Indoor growers can expect yields of around 400 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants can produce up to 500 grams each. These abundant yields, combined with the strain's ease of cultivation, make Cereal Milk Auto a favorite among both novice and experienced growers.

What conditions are best for growing Cereal Milk Auto?

This strain thrives in warm, dry, and stable climates. Ensuring plenty of light and good airflow will help maximize its growth potential and prevent issues like mold or mildew. It's moderately easy to grow, making it suitable for cultivators of all experience levels.

What are the main benefits of growing Cereal Milk Auto?

Cereal Milk Auto offers a combination of high THC content, quick flowering time, and generous yields. Its balanced effects make it versatile for both recreational and medicinal use, and its resilience to pests and diseases means fewer headaches during the growing process. Plus, its sweet and creamy flavor profile is a delightful bonus!


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