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Auto Bubblecious
Auto Bubblecious

Auto Bubblelicious by Nirvana Seeds

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Bubblelicious is one of our best known varieties, and one of the few that reflect the original Bubble Gum in all its sweet and sticky essence.It would be inappropriate not to talk about its taste first, because we can say that Bubblelicious is one of the most famous and coveted varieties for its unique taste.

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 When you smoke it, authentic notes of gum and citrus flavour stick to your palate, taking you back to childhood in all its nostalgic splendour. You'll find yourself on the playground feeling like a child again.

But the real strength of Bubblelicious is its THC:CBD ratio. Its level of CBD exceeds that of THC in just the right amount, making it an extraordinary blend for both recreational and therapeutic purposes. We recommend it to those who want to use marijuana to combat anxiety, depression and pain, but who also want to get high and feel euphoric, creative and encouraged.

Our advice for this variety: Our photo-dependent Bubblelicious has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, but if you need a faster harvest, we recommend reducing its vegetative phase. Because Bubbleicious can easily double in size once flowering has begun. You can also choose our autoflowering version, which reduces the vegetative period without you having to do anything.

What we love about this variety: Its abundant harvests, fast flowering and ease of cultivation, along with its unmatched flavor, put Bubblelicious in the first place for us, and it's easy to understand why it's one of our most popular seeds.


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