Mr. Sweet Mass
Mr. Sweet Mass
Mr. Sweet Mass
Mr. Sweet Mass
Mr. Sweet Mass
Mr. Sweet Mass

Mr. Weed Mass by Mr. Hide

14.00 €

Mrs. Mr.Sweet Mass reveals its most refined essence in its very name: sweet. And, indeed, is a genetic full of nuances and sweetened fragrances that make it a delight for the most demanding smokers and lovers of refreshing aromas.

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Although dominant in its genome the sativa parent (65%), draws attention to its very short flowering period since it is usually harvested after 55 days, and 60 if you prefer ripe flowers. Outdoors we can harvest from late September. Without being one of the most productive genetics Mr.Hide Seeds®, the Sweet Mass can give us easily more than 500 grams per square meter indoors, which makes it a highly generous kills production.

It is a beautiful plant, elegant bearing, with a structure in which predominate despite a super central bud, many lateral branches that provide us with equally spectacular and buds full of white crystals filled with resin.

For this reason, if we proceed to cure for a few weeks, the buds become hard as rocks making essential use of the grinder to crumble. In fact, the manicure of this plant is hard work, because tantísima smeared resin is adhered between the fingers and palms. For this reason it is advisable to help a cutter to remove hands all the accumulated resin and thus enjoy a truly delicious "charas".

It draws attention to its own highly cerebral effect of its heritage sativa, but in perfect harmony with a strong muscular and mental relaxation makes this variety one of the most appreciated by users of medicinal cannabis and those seeking a genetics that enable their daily use without affecting your personal and work performance. Perhaps the substantive optimism the word that best defines the effect of our Mr.Sweet Mass. Optimism and a sense of truly exclusive vital joy.

One might note that the high is quite lasting up to two hours, reaching its highest peak at twenty minutes after consumption. And to be honest we must also warn that the end of the "trip" tends to awaken a voracious appetite. Maybe not the most advisable for those who are following a strict diet variety.

Easy to grow and very adaptable to different environmental conditions.

Resistant to pests and fungi like few others, and indeed, after a good crop, the buds tend to secrete so much resin that challenge moisture undeveloped fungi. Although his honeyed outpourings stand out in any type of crop land it is organically and where more highlights its unique essence.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized seed
Genotype: Sativa dominance
Crossing: Sweet Touh x Critical Mass
Taste: sweet refreshing
Production: From 450gr - 550gr / m2


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