Mr. Cheese Mass
Mr. Cheese Mass
Mr. Cheese Mass
Mr. Cheese Mass
Mr. Cheese Mass
Mr. Cheese Mass

Mr. Cheese Mass by Mr. Hide

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Hybrid predominantly sativa (65%), Mass our Mr.Cheese is the result of much research work with thousands of parental over the years. One of the obsessions of Mr.Hide Seeds® our plants is to provide an absolute homogeneity that makes all plants grown from our feminized seeds look like clones.

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No many genetic can say the same ...

Their productivity is portentous, even reaching 550 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors it depends on when you start your crop germination but not recommend starting before the end of May to not find a clump of nearly 3 meters high and excessive odor.

Because, how could it be otherwise be a genetic Mr.Hide Seeds®, numerous buds off spectacular effluvia, leaving the impregnated zone of its characteristic fragrance full of nuances and sweetish cloying.

Despite its predominance sativa, the balance of both parents is very well managed, which allows us to consume without affecting our daily performance. Because, although its effect is very powerful, it is both calm and gradual.

Cerebralmente peaceful and serene, at the same time creative and resourceful. Perfect for lengthy meetings with friends and sobremesas unhurried.

His buzz has distinct peaks of magnitude. Indeed, from minute one noticed that peaceful relaxation that goes "in crescendo" slowly but without pause.

And when remitting looks strikes again with new promotions that are much appreciated. At least two hours of guaranteed pleasure.

Their morphology is clearly pyramidal, with a huge central bud and many side branches that also captivate us with full inflorescences of snow-white crystals.

It is a true joy for the senses. Inside is harvested after 55 or 60 days from the beginning of flowering. And outside in late September.

If you want a more medicinal effect, wait until early October. Like all our genetics, Mass Mr.Cheese is very easy to grow, given its resistance to attacks of all kinds of pathogens.

But tolerates mediocre substrates like crop "as God commands". A wise choice for long-haul growers as those that start for the first time in culture.

In both cases, it never disappoints.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized seed
Genotype: Sativa dominance
Cross: Oxudus Cheese x Critical Mass
Taste: cheese with hints of earth
Production: 500gr - 550gr / m2

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