Auto Mazar Blue
Auto Mazar Blue
Auto Mazar Blue
Auto Mazar Blue
Auto Mazar Blue
Auto Mazar Blue

Auto Mazar Blue by Mr. Hide

19.80 €

Basically Indica (80%), our Auto Blue Mazar is one of the most successful auto-flowering varieties are having among our followers.

It is not surprising since, in addition to its excellent quality, it can produce between 100 and 200 grams of the best marijuana.

  • 3 feminized
  • 5 feminized
  • 10 feminized
  • 50 feminized

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Like all varieties of mrhide Seeds®, Auto Blue Mazar stands out for its aroma and flavor.

As always, it is recommended curing of at least one month in order to appreciate these delicate organoleptic properties.

Being such a productive plant reaches a height of almost one meter huge central bud and several side branches also provide important flowers.

Note the amount of resin exuberant secretes and contributes to increase its exquisite fragrance. In fact, manicurists this plant is hard work that will leave palms and fingers of hands full of dark resin.

Being an East Indian ancestry from the Hindu Kush mountain range, this excess resin is its natural form of defense against environmental elements.

Ideal for obtaining an exceptional charas. It is harvested at 70 days from the time of germination. Being a plant of extraordinary possibilities of production, it is advisable to use pots of at least 4 liters of volume if we reach the figure of 200 grams of dried buds.

To reach their organoleptic and production potential is advisable to grow it in a good organic substrate and also using natural fertilizers.

Despite this, it is noteworthy that the Auto Blue Mazar is tough and easy to grow. own effect of the best rates: muscle relaxant and feeling of complete relaxation.

A few puffs are the best way to end a hard day.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: Indica dominance
Cross: bluberry x Mazar blue
Taste: dulcon exotic fruits
Production: From 100gr to 200gr / plant

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