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Devilmatic by Ministry of Cannabis

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Devilmatic is an auto flowering strain, each plant will start to flower automatically after just about 3 weeks of growth, independently by the number of the hours of light received. The whole cycle will take only 60-65 days. Devilmatic will stay short and compact, the final height will be in general within 50 cm (in outdoor she can become taller)... Devilmatic starts to flower really early so she dedicates most of her energies to produce the buds, instead of growing in height. In Devilmatic the indica component is prevalent, and the taste is herbal with a roasted nuts aftertaste. Devilmatic is perfect for guerrilla growing or for all the cases when it is not possible to grow a traditional strain. Kind of seeds: Autoflowering Female Indoor/Outdoor 50% Indica 30% Ruderalis 20% Sativa Flowering Time: 5 1/2 weeks Yield (per plant): up to 50 gr indoor, up to 100 gr outdoor THC: 12-15% ?


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