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Prozack by Medical Seeds

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Prozack is a shrubby plant, quite compact and not too tall. One of the phenotypes gives medium size buds, hard as stones, and the other gives giant buds that do not harden as much.Its genetics comes from a Dutch variety of great renown, winner of several cups and our best Kush, to provide more production and alter as little as possible its organoleptic characteristics.

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Prozack needs a longer growing season than other varieties from our bank, as it does not grow much when flowering starts.

It is a plant with a lot of resin ideal for the production of hashish.

Something very characteristic of prozack is its unmistakable taste of hashish of the highest quality.

Prozack has a very pleasant and relaxing effect that can last for several hours.

It is also known for its medicinal power and, as with Channel +, has long been used for the treatment of various diseases.

In short, it is a plant recommended for those who are looking for an extreme production of resin, an unmistakable taste of quality hashish and a very relaxing effect with applications for medical use.

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