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Devil Fruit
Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit by Medical Seeds

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Devil Fruit is a plant with Indica structure and sativa heritage.It should be noted that precisely because of the sativa heritage the flowering period indoors.

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Devil Fruit is a compact plant that needs a great contribution of light for the correct development and the obtaining of the best results. Without the right amount of light it can produce a large amount of leaf.

Its effect derives from its Indica part, starting with a slight cerebral touch that quickly transports you to a pleasant state of relaxation without heaviness, allowing you to develop tasks and being a good source of creativity.

Let's go to the strong point, the quality that Devil fruit is most sought after for is its taste.

Devil Fuit is fruity, extremely sweet and highly prized for its distinct, unique and fabulous taste.

In conclusion, Devil Fruit is highly recommended for lovers of flavour and nuances.

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