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Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel

BCN Sour Diesel by Medical Seeds

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BCN Sour Diesel has one of the best genetics on the market.It is a variety originally Sativa, with a clear and euphoric power but not very cerebral, so it is ideal as a companion for the whole day.

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In addition, BCN Sour Diesel has a unique and unmistakable tropical fruit fragrance and flavor. It is a very pleasant and recognizable aroma.

It comes from the crossing of our best indica of massive production with Diesel. This way we get a higher production and a shorter flowering time.

Suitable for all types of cultivation, both indoor and outdoor, for being a very versatile and grateful plant. It is also necessary to take into account its very high resistance to pests and its good calyx-leaf ratio (very easy to manicure).

To enjoy its maximum flavor and aroma we recommend 100% organic farming.

In conclusion, BCN Sour Diesel is a great plant with a great production for a Sativa of these characteristics and with an unmistakable taste and aroma.


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