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PriZmatic (Humboldt Seed Organization) Marijuana Seeds
PriZmatic (Humboldt Seed Organization) Marijuana Seeds

PriZmatic by Humboldt Seed Organization

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Prizmatic by Humboldt Seed Organization: The perfect fusion of Black Rainbow Sherbert 11 and Mendo Breath. A potent Indica experience with the potential to create high-quality hash.

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Prizmatic by Humboldt Seed Organization is a fascination for enthusiasts. This hybrid is a true champion, with a genotype that combines 30% Sativa with 70% Indica.

Exceptional Origins

Prizmatic is the result of an exciting cross between Black Rainbow Sherbert 11 and Mendo Breath. These parents have come together to create a strain that combines fascinating flavors with an abundance of trichomes, making it a true champion for hash and high-quality concentrate lovers. Its lineage speaks to the quality and potency this genetics has to offer.

This unique cross was originated with the intention of combining the exceptional flavors of Black Rainbow Sherbert 11 and Mendo Breath with a high-yielding plant. The result is a hybrid that not only satisfies on the aromatic and flavor levels but also translates into an impressive harvest.

Unique Effects

The effect of Prizmatic is strongly Indica, meaning you'll experience a deep relaxation and a pleasant "couchlock" effect.

This strain is perfect for winding down at the end of the day, relaxing, and enjoying a calm mood. Its effects are long-lasting and perfect for those moments when you need to release stress.

Unmistakable Flavor and Aroma

Prizmatic has a unique flavor and aroma. Its taste combines notes of sweet fruits and earthy undertones, with a spicy hint that makes it unmistakable. You'll experience a true flavor feast with every hit.

The aroma that emanates from Prizmatic flowers is an experience in itself. Terpenes blend to create a complete olfactory bouquet. Closing your eyes and inhaling its scent is like diving into an exotic garden full of ripe fruits and fresh earth.

A Valuable Addition to Your Hash Collection

This genetics should not be missing in any hash and high-quality concentrate lover's collection. The abundance of trichomes makes it an ideal candidate for resin extraction. If you're passionate about the world of extracts, Prizmatic is a valuable addition to your collection.

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