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Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC
Original Oreoz Strain (Growers Choice) - Chocolate Flavor & 37% THC

Original Oreoz by Growers Choice

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Original Oreoz by Growers Choice is a powerhouse strain boasting an incredible 37% THC. With rapid flowering in just 9 weeks and yields over 750 grams/m², its deep chocolate and creamy vanilla flavors promise an unforgettable experience for both novice and seasoned growers. Don’t miss out on this top-tier strain!

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Original Oreoz Strain Info

The Original Oreoz strain from Growers Choice is a cannabis marvel, boasting a staggering 37% THC that promises an unforgettable experience. This feminized seed packs a genetic punch with its 70% indica and 30% sativa blend, delivering the best of both worlds.

This plant stands tall and proud, reaching indoor heights of 80-120 cm and outdoor heights of 150-200 cm. Its robust stature is a testament to its hearty genetics, producing dense, resinous buds that are a delight for any cultivator. With a flowering time of just 9 weeks, it’s a speedy grower that doesn’t compromise on yield or quality.

Flowering Time & Yield

Expect a bountiful harvest with the Original Oreoz seeds. Indoors, it can yield over 750 grams per square meter, while outdoor plants produce over 750 grams per plant. This high production is remarkable given its short flowering period, making it a favorite among both novice and seasoned growers. By early October, outdoor growers can expect to start their harvest, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Effects and Aroma

Smoking the Original Oreoz is like stepping into a world of intense sensations. The deep chocolate flavor combined with creamy vanilla and sticky sweet undertones creates an aromatic symphony that tantalizes the senses. This strain doesn't just deliver in flavor; its effects are equally potent. Users report a heavy, almost catatonic high that leaves them couch-locked and in awe of its strength. It’s no surprise, given the lab results showing a whopping 37% THC and low CBD content. This is not a strain for the faint-hearted—it's a powerhouse that demands respect and careful consumption.

For those looking to explore the best in cannabis genetics, the Original Oreoz strain from Growers Choice offers a unique combination of rapid growth, high yields, and an unparalleled high. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a curious newbie, this strain promises an adventure with every puff.

Cultivation Tips & Our Take

When it comes to growing the Original Oreoz strain, we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves. This strain is moderately resistant to mold and pests, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, maintaining a controlled environment helps to maximize its yield and potency.

Original Oreoz thrives in a warm, sunny climate. If you’re growing outdoors, aim for a spot with plenty of sunlight. Indoors, a well-ventilated space with consistent temperatures will do wonders for your plants. While it’s not the most difficult strain to cultivate, it does require some attention to detail, particularly in managing humidity levels and ensuring proper airflow.

What truly stands out to us about this strain is its exceptional yield and the sheer potency of its effects. The high THC content is a game-changer, delivering a powerful experience that’s hard to match. The rapid flowering time and substantial harvest make it a fantastic option for growers looking to maximize their efforts in a short period.


  • Genetics: 70% Indica - 30% Sativa
  • THC Content: 30%+
  • CBD Content: Low
  • Height Indoors: 80-120 cm
  • Height Outdoors: 150-200 cm
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
  • Yield Indoors: 750+ grams/m²
  • Yield Outdoors: 750+ grams per plant
  • Harvest Month (Outdoors): Early October
  • Resistance to Mold: Average
  • Flavors: Deep chocolate, creamy vanilla, sweet
  • Difficulty of Cultivation: Moderate
  • Preferred Climate: Warm and sunny

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Original Oreoz sativa or indica?

Original Oreoz is a hybrid strain with a 70% indica and 30% sativa genetic makeup. This combination means it offers the relaxing and body-centric effects typical of indicas, while also providing a touch of the cerebral stimulation associated with sativas. Indicas are generally known for their calming effects, making them ideal for evening use, while sativas are often more energizing and suitable for daytime activities.

What are the optimal growing conditions for Original Oreoz?

Original Oreoz thrives in a warm and sunny climate. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, ensuring your plants receive plenty of light is crucial. Indoors, maintain a well-ventilated environment with consistent temperatures to promote healthy growth and maximize yield.

How resistant is Original Oreoz to mold and pests?

Original Oreoz has average resistance to mold and pests. While it can handle some challenges, it’s important to monitor your plants regularly and maintain optimal growing conditions to prevent any potential issues.

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