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Moweeto (Greenhouse Seeds) Marijuana Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Moweeto (Greenhouse Seeds) Marijuana Seeds | Up To 30% Off

Moweeto by Greenhouse Seeds

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Discover Moweeto, the explosive combination of two citrusy and potent strains. Its roots in Lemon Tree and Velvet Moon intermingle with hints of OG Kush and sweetness. The effects are immediate, offering an instant mental high followed by lasting body relaxation. Ideal for evenings after a good meal. The taste is a delightful caress on the palate, blending citrusy sweetness with earthy and lemony notes, like a refreshing mojito.

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Moweeto: The Citrus Flavor Explosion

Moweeto is the result of an exciting union between the potent Velvet Moon with its Do-Si-Dos heritage, and the equally flavorful and powerful Lemon Tree. This explosive combination of two citrus strains is enveloped in deep notes of OG Kush and an unmatched sweetness.

Powerful Effects for Your Peaceful Evenings

The magic of Moweeto unfolds instantly. After the first few minutes of consumption, you'll feel a pleasant cerebral high that transforms into a lasting euphoric relaxation. This makes Moweeto the perfect choice for those peaceful evenings after a delicious meal.

Flavors and Aromas to Delight Your Palate

The aroma and taste of Moweeto translate into an exceptionally delicious experience. This variety stands out for its high terpene content and massive production of sticky resin that will delight lovers of citrus and gassy flavors.

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation: Your Choice, Your Harvest

For indoor cultivation, Moweeto has an estimated 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time and can provide abundant yields under optimal conditions. Its plants exhibit a vigorous structure with strong secondary branches reaching for the top. This characteristic is inherited from the Lemon Tree, which contributes vitality to the cultivation. Moreover, the Velvet Moon helps thicken the branches, providing a compact feel thanks to its OG ancestry.

Outdoors, the Moweeto harvest period falls in late September. In the garden, these plants can reach heights of 150-200 cm. In good conditions, you can expect generous yields of up to 1.5 kg per plant.

An Unparalleled Sensory Journey

Moweeto is like a sweet caress on the palate. It presents the sweet and citrusy sensation of Lemon Tree, which feels in the mouth like an old-school hard sugar candy. It also blends with hints of acidity and earthiness inherited from Velvet Moon and its Do-Si-Dos legacy, creating a wonderful combination of sweetness, citrus terpenes, and the taste of fresh lemon, as if you were enjoying a refreshing mojito.

Moweeto is a sensory journey that will delight both novice and expert growers in search of citrus flavors and balanced effects. Its explosive genetic combination promises a unique and satisfying experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

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