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Critical Sour (Female Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off
Critical Sour (Female Seeds) Feminized Seeds | Up To 30% Off

Critical Sour by Female Seeds

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The Critical Sour can be considered as part of the next generation of Female Seeds hybrids. Our aim was to create a variety of outdoor ripening very early. Depending on your region, it may end in early September. It's a big production company covered in trichomes.

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A mother Maroc x Grapefruit was crossed with a father Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto NL x Auto Critical to accelerate flowering. This variety develops and shows specific characteristics clearly inherited from the mother and the Auto Critical genes. It is easy to grow as it is a very resistant plant. It remains lower than any of our other outdoor varieties. One in thirty plants can autoflower.

The Critical Sour is a dominant Indica strain: compact, sturdy and flexible stem, and wide internodes ready to stretch when launched in flowering. The average proportion of flowers per leaf is impressive, with many more flowers than leaves. It has a vigorous production of thick, resinous and dense buds. The buds are long and quite thin. The open floral structure allows good air circulation and helps to prevent mold in the final stages.

It has a very pleasant aroma; fruity, earthy and spicy. The Critical Sour is not too stinky, so it's perfect for stealth cultivation. The mild and delicate taste when inhaled reminds you of Grapefruit's fabulous pineapple phenotype. In addition, it has a spicy/earthy touch due to the Maroc and Auto NL genes, both of which help to develop this interesting aromatic palette.

The effect can be described as an almost instantaneous high in the body. It combines the strength and blocking effect on the sofa of both NL and Critical, with the more tender and subtle contribution of Maroc and Grapefruit. The high is therefore a sudden, joyful and uplifting high that envelops the whole body in a pleasant sensation.

It also provides good medicinal properties as Auto NL is a natural analgesic known to help against stress, anxiety, nausea and arthritis.

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