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G14 Auto (FastBuds Seeds) Autoflowering Seeds | On Sale!
G14 Auto (FastBuds Seeds) Autoflowering Seeds | On Sale!
G14 Auto (FastBuds Seeds) Autoflowering Seeds | On Sale!
G14 Auto (FastBuds Seeds) Autoflowering Seeds | On Sale!

G14 Auto by FastBuds Seeds

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G14 is a strain of cannabis the most stable of our seed bank. A success of our biologists designed to be cultivated in all conditions.

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In this variety have been used all efforts to improve Lowryder lineage, preserving its quality and the most prominent feature of this plant; quickly in bloom, discretion growth and compact body.

This variety is ideal for urban farming; In town, spaces, in a pot on the balcony, in a greenhouse in a cannabic closet. G14 is a survivor who give very good results.

A variety Indicates perfect for beginners, it seems don't unfazed by the weather and neglect of irrigation.

Your genetics are mainly Indica. It is the result of crossing two varieties of different Lowryders with G13 Hash Plant.

This strain of cannabis also has a Canadian Ruderalis genetics that we discovered at the end of 2013, increasing performance and stability.

It is ready in just 9 weeks from germination. Growers are surprised at its size, it is short, about one meter, making it perfect for growing indoors with limited space.

When you have completed the process of germination, it springs, and in the process will see how they grow several sets of leaves, then almost immediately and automatically begins flowering.

Its production is great. Indoors the 400-550 g / m2, and outdoor from 70 to 250g per plant

It is indicated for clueless growers, both experts and novices who want to start growing specimens with a great potential and a superb performance. It is plant with self-regulating of growing, and puts his cycle in a "on" mode.

Throughout its growth it will release citrus aroma, ripe fruit and wood. At the time of harvest, its aroma intensifies and resembles the purest and delicious Moroccan hashish.

Its chemical composition makes it perfect for medicinal use. A no less than 18% THC accompanied by a 0.9% CBD, become an analgesic pill.

Helps reduce pain in conditions of stress, post-operative or pain related to treatments for serious diseases. Also its effect takes us to a state of meditation exercises healing in body, mind and spirit.

Its effect on the physical level helps to relax the muscles and stabilizes the nervous system which is a good weapon to reduce stress, but without inducing sleep states, making it valid for consumption during the day.

If you plant a G14 Fast Buds, you fall in love with it and will repeat each cannabis season.


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