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Pink Plant
Pink Plant

Pink Plant by Eva Seeds

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Pink Plant of bank Eva Seeds. The combination of the two has resulted in a plant with buds long and hard as rocks. Indoors, its structure is robust, fast growing and rather large. Outdoors becomes a super plant, robust, high, very productive, with long lines of loaded resin buds. In some specimens the pistils turn pink before maturity. It is advisable to prune the tips to get several main branches and multiply its production. Medlar acid taste and fresh eucalyptus. Its effect is very powerful, cerebral and slightly relaxed. Because of its low environmental odor is very useful in places where the smell coming from the cannabis is a problem.   THC: 17-19% Production: Medium-High Field crop: Int/Ext. Int Flowering: 55-60 days. Ext Flowering: Early october. ?


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