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Monster CBD (Eva Seeds) 🍊 Rich Flavor & Therapeutic
Monster CBD (Eva Seeds) 🍊 Rich Flavor & Therapeutic

Monster CBD by Eva Seeds

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Discover the unique balance of Monster CBD by Eva Seeds, a strain with an ideal THC:CBD ratio of 1.5:1. Cultivate resilience and bountiful harvests with this feminized marvel, promising not only high yields but also a therapeutic experience. Perfect for those seeking a harmonious effect, Monster CBD combines potency with the rich, intricate flavors of wood, spices, and mandarin. Elevate your garden and wellbeing with every seed.

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Monster CBD Strain Info

Embark on a journey with the Monster CBD strain, a masterpiece born from the innovative crossbreeding by Eva Seeds. This cannabis marvel finds its roots in the powerful blend of the high-yielding Monster and the CBD-rich Only CBD, creating a strain that not only boasts robust growth but also a harmonious balance of effects that cater to both recreational and medicinal users. It's a tale of genetic excellence, where the quest for a perfect THC:CBD ratio has led to a plant that is as generous in production as it is in providing a nuanced, beneficial experience.

The morphology of Monster CBD is nothing short of remarkable, with plants that grow sturdy and tall, showcasing large, vibrant leaves. It's a sight to behold, with the potential to reach heights of up to 100 cm indoors, and an even more impressive 2 to 3 meters outdoors. The yield is equally impressive, with indoor growers seeing up to 600 g/m2 and outdoor cultivators being rewarded with anywhere from 800 grams to 2 kilos per plant. These figures are a testament to the strain's vigorous genetic backbone, promising an abundant harvest of resinous, cannabinoid-rich flowers.

Flowering Time

The Monster CBD strain is as efficient as it is bountiful, completing its flowering phase in a swift 60 to 65 days when grown indoors. Outdoors, cultivators can expect to collect their verdant bounty by mid-October, marking a relatively short journey from seed to harvest. This rapid turnaround is a boon for growers eager to see the fruits of their labor without the lengthy wait typical of some other strains.


The effects of Monster CBD are where the strain truly shines, offering a lucid, creative buzz that keeps you grounded without compromising your mental clarity. With a THC content ranging from 8-11% and CBD levels at 7-8%, it strikes a perfect balance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking relief without the intense psychoactivity. This ratio ensures a medium to low psychoactivity, allowing for enjoyment or medicinal use without overwhelming the senses. The aroma and flavor profile is equally compelling, with notes of wood, spices, mandarin, and Diesel that entice the senses, followed by a taste that combines citrusy mandarin with the earthiness of noble woods and the zest of spices.

When it comes to cultivation, Monster CBD shows resilience against pests and diseases, standing tall as a testament to its robust genetic makeup. It thrives in a variety of climates, from soil to hydro setups, with a preference for medium to high nutritional needs throughout its growth and flowering phases. Despite its formidable output, the strain does not demand excessive care, making it accessible to both novice and experienced growers. With its sativa dominance, it exhibits the characteristic openness and vigorous growth pattern of its kind, yet it remains manageable and rewarding.

Monster CBD by Eva Seeds is not just another strain; it's a beacon for those seeking the therapeutic edge of cannabis without the overpowering high. Its ease of cultivation, impressive yields, and balanced effects make it a distinguished choice in the world of marijuana seeds.

Growing Tips

We've observed that Monster CBD thrives under a watchful eye and a loving touch. One tip we'd like to share is about the timing of the nutrient cycle; this strain has a medium to high nutritional need, both in its vegetative and flowering stages. It's crucial to monitor the plant's response to feeding closely, adjusting as necessary to avoid nutrient burn or deficiency. Also, given its potential height, we recommend topping or training techniques early in the vegetative phase to encourage a bushier growth, which can lead to a more manageable plant size and potentially higher yields.

Our personal take on the Monster CBD is its incredible balance between THC and CBD. What fascinates us the most is how it merges the therapeutic potential of high CBD content with the gentle euphoria of THC, offering a uniquely harmonious experience. It's not just a strain; it's a holistic remedy that caters to both mind and body. The scent profile, a complex bouquet of wood, spices, and citrus, is simply irresistible. It's a sensory delight that makes every cultivation and consumption experience memorable.

Strain Characteristics

  • Genetics: Monster x Only CBD
  • Type: Feminized photodependent
  • THC:CBD Ratio: 1.5-1
  • THC Content: 8-11%
  • CBD Content: 7-8%
  • Production: Very high
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 60-65 days
  • Outdoor Harvest: North Hemisphere - October 15 / South Hemisphere - April 15
  • Indoor Height: 80-100 cm
  • Outdoor Height: 2-3 meters depending on planting time
  • Indoor Yield: 550-600 g/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 800 grams to 2 kilos per plant
  • Aroma: Wood, spices, mandarin, Diesel
  • Taste: Resinous, citrusy mandarin, spices, noble woods
  • Effect: Lucid and creative, medium/low psychoactivity
  • Recommended Cultivation: Soil, coco, hydro
  • Nutritional Needs: Medium/high, in both vegetative and flowering stages
  • Resistance to Pests and Diseases: High
  • Watering Tolerance: High
  • Extraction Yield: Estimated 15% BHO
  • Medicinal Value: Very high


Is Monster CBD sativa or indica?

Monster CBD is a balanced hybrid with a slight sativa dominance, exhibiting a 60% sativa and 40% indica genetic composition. This blend offers the best of both worlds: the uplifting, cerebral effects typically associated with sativa strains, combined with the relaxing, therapeutic benefits indica is known for. Sativas are often characterized by a more energizing, mental high, while indicas tend to provide a more sedative, body-centric effect. Monster CBD's unique genetic makeup ensures a harmonious balance that's perfect for those seeking mild psychoactivity with substantial medicinal potential.

What is the THC:CBD ratio of Monster CBD?

The THC:CBD ratio in Monster CBD is approximately 1.5:1, with THC levels ranging from 8-11% and CBD levels at 7-8%. This balanced ratio makes it an ideal choice for users seeking the medicinal benefits of CBD, coupled with a moderate, manageable psychoactive effect from THC. This composition is particularly beneficial for medicinal users looking for relief from various conditions without the intense high often associated with higher THC strains.

How much can I expect to yield from Monster CBD plants?

Monster CBD is a highly productive strain, with indoor yields reaching 550-600 g/m2 and outdoor plants offering between 800 grams to 2 kilos per plant. Its robust growth and bountiful production make it an excellent choice for cultivators looking for a high return on their investment, whether they are growing for personal use or on a larger scale.

What are the ideal growing conditions for Monster CBD?

Monster CBD is versatile and resilient, thriving in a variety of growing conditions. It's well-suited to soil, coco, and hydroponic setups, with medium to high nutritional needs throughout its growth cycle. While it exhibits a high resistance to pests and diseases, maintaining optimal environmental conditions—such as proper lighting, temperature, and humidity levels—is key to unlocking its full potential. This strain is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, making it a great option for a wide range of growers, from beginners to experts.

What kind of effects can I expect from Monster CBD?

Monster CBD offers a lucid and creative effect, with medium to low psychoactivity, making it an excellent choice for daytime use or for consumers looking for a mild, functional high. Its balanced THC:CBD ratio provides a soothing, relaxing effect without the heavy sedation or intense euphoria associated with higher THC strains. This makes Monster CBD particularly appealing to medicinal users seeking relief from anxiety, pain, or inflammation, as well as to recreational users looking for a gentle uplift.

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