Kong 47
Kong 47

Kong 47 by Dr. Underground Seeds

17.00 €

The idea was born from a conversation between friends about production and quality, we simply wondered... What would come out of our best King Kong with one of the best Ak-47 cuttings selected from original Serious Seeds seeds? because we wanted to check it and when we tried the result... we couldn't just leave it on the air, so here it is for everyone.

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It is a perfect plant for growers looking for high yield in a short time. Both parents are high producers, both of short flowering, as well as both have a very powerful effect and explosive growth.
The combination of these two cannabis beasts results in something totally spectacular. We obtained a descendant of indica bearing, with leaves between wide and medium sized which are covered with resin in the areas near the buds.
The stems, hard, sometimes take a certain reddish hue, the branching is perfect for mass cutting. After the vegetative fulfillment the plant explodes giving an extreme quantity of flowers, the best thing of all for the growers who look for mass is that its flowering round between 49 - 56 days.

The Ak 47 used has a strong aroma of Skunk mixed with small reminiscences of brewer's yeast, this aroma is perfectly combined with the skunk - fruity of King Kong making it necessary an anti-odour filter in indoor crops.

Thick resin and sticky buds this monster has been created to fill your jars to the tops. Its flavor is quite persistent, a strong skunk with hints of grapefruit and lime. Undoubtedly a perfect choice for novice growers as its speed makes it less prone to certain diseases.


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