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Zallah Bread (DNA Genetics)
Zallah Bread (DNA Genetics)

Zallah Bread by DNA Genetics

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Discover Zallah Bread, a mostly indica genetic that fuses the potency of TK ZkittleZ and Challah Bread! With a flowering period of 8–9 weeks and a yield of 450–550 g/m2, this strain will give you an unforgettable trip, courtesy of DNA Genetics.

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Enter the intriguing world of Zallah Bread, an exceptional, mostly indica genetic that fuses the irresistible potency of TK ZkittleZ with the exquisite personality of Challah Bread.

Origins of Prestige: TK ZkittleZ and Challah Bread

Zallah Bread is born from a masterful union between TK ZkittleZ and Challah Bread, two renowned strains. From TK ZkittleZ, it inherits its unmistakable flavor and fruity sweetness that awaken the palate and conquer the senses. The influence of Challah Bread manifests itself in its strength and production capacity. This elite pairing results in an exceptional strain that combines the best of both worlds.

Growing Zallah Bread

In an indoor, Zallah Bread flowers in 8–9 weeks, showing her vigor and resilience. The results are impressive, with yields ranging from 450 to 550 gr/m2. This makes it an ideal choice for growers looking for high-quality and abundant harvests within their growing space.
If you prefer to take your growth outdoors, Zallah Bread reveals its full splendor in a natural setting. This strain can reach impressive heights and deliver generous harvests, averaging 400–550 grams per plant.

Grow to Maximum Potential

To optimize your Zallah Bread crop, be sure to provide a warm, dry indoor environment with an adequate light regime. The outdoors provide access to the sun and protection from extreme weather.
Balanced nutrients and careful monitoring of plant development are key to maximizing results. Pruning and branch training can also be useful to improve the buds' exposure to light.

Tasting A Quality Sensory Journey

Zallah Bread terpenes will take you to a world of exceptional flavors. Experience a taste that combines the sweetness of fruits with earthy and spicy nuances. The terpenes simulate a symphony of fragrances that will transport you to a corner of pleasure. Visually, its flowers present vibrant colors ranging from deep green to dark purple, adorned with resin that shines like precious jewels.
Zallah Bread's effects are a testament to the perfect balance between its potency and ability to induce relaxation. Each inhalation floods your senses with a cerebral euphoria that awakens creativity and happiness, while its indica influence caresses every muscle and relaxes the body. A trip that promises to satisfy both flavor lovers and those looking for deep, long-lasting effects.
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