Pakistan Chitral Kush
Pakistan Chitral Kush
Pakistan Chitral Kush
Pakistan Chitral Kush

Pakistan Chitral Kush by Cannabiogen Seeds

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Chitral is famous in the cannabis world for producing one of the best hashish in Pakistan. The Pakistan Chitral line that we offer you is an excellent pure indica, which began to be worked on the Iberian Peninsula in the mid-90s.

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It has been selected and reproduced during more than 5 generations looking for the best expressions of hashish plant, and maintaining a wide genetic diversity in the population.

Certainly, this line indicates an explosion of colors, flavors and aromas, with two main phenotypes equally frequent: a'green' phenotype and a very colorful one. Both expressions produce plants of excellent adaptability, fast maturation, wide production of resins and of relaxed and powerful effect of hashish plant.

The green phenotype can produce plants that are a little more powerful and resinous, while the colorful plants are a real spectacle because of their aromas of berries and the pink, red, and purple colors they acquire as they mature. The latter is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful expressions of cannabis indicates that we have had the pleasure to know.

Pakistan Chitral is an indica with amazing resistance to fungus and rain, and an exceptional breeding tool, with which great hybrids have been developed, both pure indica and sativa/indica. Its quality of terpenes, colours and resin production, as well as its resistance and adaptability to different types of crops, are easily transmitted in its hybrids.

A real gem that we finally bring to the lovers of Indicas and cannabis breeding.


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