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Auto Maxi by Biological Seeds

24.00 €

The Auto Maxi of Biological Seeds is a large autoflowering obtained by crossing autoflowering varieties of Critical and Ak47. The result is always of high level for its production, higher than the average of the typical auto-flowering.

  • 3 feminized

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  • Fast Delivery
  • Premium Quality Seeds
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Our Auto Maxi, if stimulated properly, can give a product quantitatively superior to plants that require longer time frames.

The taste and smell of Auto Maxi is incomparable, sweet and delicious with effects of classic sativa.


We worked to obtain a genetics that is as close as possible to the classic photoperiodical, which are generally more productive and with longer-lasting effects, and we have achieved excellent results to satisfy the most discerning palate.

​Height: 80/150 cm

Aroma: Strong, exotic fruits

Effect: Powerful, long lasting, relaxing

Harvesting: 75 days from seed

Yeld: 80-120 g/plant

Genetic: 50% Indica Sativa

THC: 16%


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