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Mimosa EVO by Barneys Farm Seeds

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Mimosa by Barney's Farm is a feminised cannabis seed resulting from a meticulous genetic research work carried out by the seedbank. The result, created by crossing a Purple Punch and a Clementine, is a sativa-dominant hybrid producing lots of highly resinous and cannabinoid-packed zesty buds.

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With a strong and branchy vegetative growth, heights of 80-90 cm are common indoors and 2+ m outdoors. In optimal conditions, yields of up to 700 g/m2 could be obtained indoors after a flowering time of some 65 days. Outdoors, expect your harvest to be ready in October. By meeting her basic needs, THC levels of 26% are guaranteed. Experienced growers could, however, get as much as 30% THC out of her. Pretty cool, right?

The taste and aroma of Mimosa are described as a fruit cocktail, an irresistible blend of citrus and flowers that will drive those with a liking for cannabis concentrates crazy. Her rich terpene expression becomes evident in her many trichome-laden nugs.

Effects are stimulating and creative, like those of a quality sativa. Get ready for a high-energy euphoric feel with mood-enhancing effects. All this added to her delicious scent of tropical fruits is sure to lift your spirits. Great for daytime use.


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