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Panama Haze
Panama Haze
Panama Haze
Panama Haze

Panama Haze by Ace Seeds

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In our search for the best'Haze x sativa' hybrid, it became clear that the solid Panama was the perfect candidate to strengthen the best American sativa characteristics of the Haze.

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In 2008 we already produced a limited edition of Haze x Panama that gave excellent results and that since our 10th anniversary, by popular request, we have decided to recreate as Panama Haze using even better parents.

To produce Panama Haze, we have pollinated our best Purple Haze and Green Haze parent incense with our 10th generation elite Panama. The result is an impressive dominant Haze F1 hybrid of great vigour, power and production, where the classic lemon, spice and incense aromas of Haze hybrids have been accentuated.

The influence of Panama is remarkable, increasing the density of flowers, resin production, potency and duration of the effect of pure Haze, improving its adaptability to indoor cultivation and reducing flowering time without the need to introduce indica or skunk genes into the mixture.

We are confident that Panama Haze (along with our new Haze x sativa hybrids) will help open a new chapter where the Haze recovers its splendor and super sativa essence, thanks to the influx of fresh blood from our best sativas.


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