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Malawi x Pakistan Chitral Kush
Malawi x Pakistan Chitral Kush

Malawi x Pakistan Chitral Kush by Ace Seeds

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Malawi X Pck by Ace Seeds is a feminized marijuana seed that has its origin in the union of Malawi Killer Sativa and Pakistan Chitral Kush Indica. It is a plant with Sativa dominance, of medium/large size and fast flowering, which produces generous dense and resinous buds.

  • 1 feminized
  • 3 feminized
  • 5 regular
  • 10 regular

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Thanks to its resistance to humidity and disease, it grows well both indoors and outdoors, as well as in greenhouses. We are sure that its purple colour and its high quality crops will seduce lovers of old-school varieties.

The aroma and taste of Malawi X Pck is intense, with notes of gum, berries and lemon. Its effect is physical and mental, powerful and long-lasting.


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