Kali China
Kali China
Kali China
Kali China
Kali China
Kali China

Kali China by Ace Seeds

11.00 €

Ace Seeds' Kali China is a feminized marijuana seed that has its origin in the union of a Kali Mist/China Yunnan, which in turn crosses with a China Yunnan. It is a hybrid with Indica dominance, small/medium height, fast flowering and producing generous harvests of large, resinous buds. Demonstrates resistance to mildew and pests.

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  • 3 feminized
  • 5 feminized

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Kali China which offers the best results if grown indoors. Outdoors, good performance is achieved in dry, warm climates or in the comfort of the greenhouse.

The aroma and taste of Kali China is intense, with notes of mango, cream, incense, hashish and spices. Its effect is powerful, balanced, it begins with stimulating sensations and then becomes relaxing and bodily.

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