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Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger

Golden Tiger by Ace Seeds

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In Golden Tiger different extremely potent and resinous sativas from Malawi and Thailand have been combined.

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The result is a 100% sativa hybrid with a high vegetative vigour, which stands out for its extreme potency and exceptional floral characteristics. Flower clusters overflow forming dense buds, with very little leaf. The trichomes are huge and very abundant, loaded with powerful cannabinoids.

This updated version of Golden Tiger has more Thai influence, is a better producer and has more refined aromas than the previous version.

Specifically, Golden Tiger currently contains 2 Thai varieties: Koh Chang Thai and Hmong Thai, and 2 different parents from Malawi: the old Malawi killer and a male Malawi 3rd generation, brother of the new Malawi killer.

Golden Tiger is an excellent alternative to haze sativa. It will conquer the most demanding growers in search of new and genuine high level sativa experiences.


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