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Bubba Kush x Hashplant
Bubba Kush x Hashplant
Bubba Kush x Hashplant
Bubba Kush x Hashplant

Bubba Hash aka Bubba Kush x Hashplant by Ace Seeds

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A solid and powerful cross between two acclaimed Afghan Indicas: the modern Bubba Kush and the HashPlant of the 1990s.Bubba Hash clearly improves in strength, production, power and quality to the original Bubba Kush, always offering excellent Afghan phenotypes.

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This hybrid of hashish plants produces relaxing, very dense and tasty flowers, full of resins and of high medicinal value.

Variety very indicated for indoor crops for its columnar growth of great central bud that allows to cultivate many plants in small spaces and in very short flowering periods.

We assure you that this plant will not leave lovers of hashish plants indifferent. Excellent plant for making Afghan hashish.


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