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OG Kush Auto - Barney's Farm

OG Kush Auto (Barneys Farm Seeds)

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Potency and simplicity come together in OG Kush Auto. This exceptional strain, born from the cross between OG Kush and BF Super Auto #1, offers astonishing yields and relaxing effects. Whether in your indoor space or in the outdoors, OG Kush Auto is the perfect choice for cultivators of all levels.

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Discover OG Kush Auto: Potency and Ease in One Strain

Get ready to delve into the world of OG Kush Auto, a perfect combination of the prestigious genetics of OG Kush and BF Super Auto #1. This predominantly indica strain will take you on a journey of relaxation and wonder, with a blend of exceptional traits.

Genetics and THC: A Cocktail of Potency

OG Kush Auto is the result of crossing the iconic OG Kush and BF Super Auto #1, resulting in a strain that inherits the best of both. Its 75-day flowering cycle gives rise to dense, trichome-covered buds, with a THC content ranging between 20% and 24%. Interestingly, its lineage traces back to legendary genetics, making it a valuable choice for enthusiasts and experienced cultivators.

Height, Yield, and Cultivation

When growing OG Kush Auto, you can expect heights of 90-110 cm indoors and impressive yields of up to 500g/m². In outdoor settings, this strain reaches heights of 90-120 cm and yields up to 200-300g per plant. Its ease of cultivation and adaptability make it a popular choice for both novice and veteran cannabis gardeners.

Unique Effects and Flavors

The effects of OG Kush Auto are a harmonious combination of deep relaxation and euphoria. Its therapeutic properties are appreciated by those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. As for flavors, its earthy and piney profile awakens the senses and provides a unique experience.

OG Kush x BF Super Auto #1
Mostly Indica
Flowering Time (days)
70 - 75
Yield Indoor (g/m2)
500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor
200 - 300 gr/plant
Outdoor Height (cm)
90 - 120 cm
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