Mr. Jack Mass by Mr. Hide

The aroma and taste of our plants are essential to pass our strict quality controls. No gene that is not a gift for the senses of taste and smell is automatically rejected. This approach has been applied to all our genetic but in the case of Mass Mr.Jack believe we have exceeded all our expectations.

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Probably the plant with better organoleptic properties of the world.

It is simply impossible not to recognize among dozens of other varieties. It's a real perfume for the most delicate noses and a treat for the most discerning palates.

Actually we do not know how to describe it because it is something unique, unparalleled. It lacks the unpleasant acrid smell of most cannabis. A mixture of smells slightly incensed reminiscent of conifers and tropical fruits.

When after a long and thorough period of research our breeder introduced us this treat, two adjectives came to mind: "What a beautiful, what a beast!". It is no coincidence that among all varieties of Mr.Hide Mr.Jack Seeds® the Mass is the preferred option for the Spanish growers in recent years.

In Mr.Hide Seeds® Mr.Jack we think our Mass is a true cannabis epiphany, a revelation. Their ancestors are a Critical Mass and Jack Herer.

And we can proudly say that our genetics has been the product of years of growing regular plants for absolute excellence. It has been cultivated in difficult environmental conditions far from perfect breeding standards, and can assure you that is one of the toughest and appreciated genetics.

Its balance between indica (40%) and sativa (60%) make the right choice for those who use cannabis despite daily, have jobs that involve creativity. Indeed, its heritage sativa provides a perfect highly energetic and euphoric effect for a dynamic life. And its indica brings a touch of serenity that both helps to relax.

However, some phenotypes contain low levels of THCV (Cannaverina) on top of some buds that can produce similar effects to lysergic acid (LSD) for a couple of minutes. This is common in climates of intense sun.

Therefore, we recommend trying it before knowing its potential as the rush can be huge. The word that best defines its effect is BLISS.

Very high yield (up to 600 grams per square meter indoors) and easy culture for resistance to pathogens, is harvested in 55 days, and may last up to 65 days depending on the case and the level of maturity that we seek. Outdoors (northern hemisphere) is harvested in mid-October. And in mid-April in the southern hemisphere.

Definitely a choice for foodies.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: feminized seed
Genotype: Sativa dominance
Cross: Jack Herer x Critical Mass
Taste: acid pine with hints of earth
Production: 500gr - 600gr / m2

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VarietyMostly Indica

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