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Since it’s introduction in 2005 our Satori has become one of the most sought after cannabis strains among sativa connoiseurs. Although Satori ranks among the most potent strains ever created it is especially the quality of the high that is appreciated by so many creative and spiritually interested people. Potency without quality is simply a waste of potential.

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To harness the psychoactive energy and use it for positive transformation is our own personal intent when we smoke Satori. The name of this strain reflects how it can inspire the mind: “Satori” is a Japanese term in Zen Buddhism for enlightenment. The word literally means "understanding". It is sometimes loosely used interchangeably with Kensho which refers to the first perception of the Buddha-Nature or True-Nature, sometimes referred to as "awakening". Kensho is not a permanent state of enlightenment, but rather a clear glimpse of the true nature of creation in everyday life. This can be taken a step further to deeper enlightenment or “Satori”. Satori is therefore an excellent example of an entheogen that facilitates a higher level of intuitive awareness. This is how cannabis is used in ancient traditions, to open the “third eye”, dispelling the clouds of ego-centered ignorance and reuniting the mind with the rest of creation.

Satori was also created with the objective of introducing a new generation of sativa:

easy and stress-free cultivation
vigorous & firm growth
perfect for any indoor space
compact and high yielding buds
harvests after only 9-10 weeks flowering
Before the advent of Satori most cerebral sativas were too challenging to grow indoor for many growers, they often yielded poorly unless grown in hydroponics, and had excessively long flowering times of 14+ weeks. We were convinced that it was possible to breed a very creative and inspiring cerebral sativa that combined the best characteristics usually only found in indica hybrids. The challenge was to retain the unique psychoactive sativa effect in a pure form while infusing the strain with the growth and flowering pattern of a high yielding indica. Growing Satori you will be surprised at her incredibly sized stems and leaves, the dense buds and stout growth pattern - all of this just in soil. To achieve this unique combination we selected a very rare plant which was discovered in our personal collection of Nepali landrace genetics. This extremely potent and cerebral female formed the basis for further breeding. Throughout it’s history Satori has been an ongoing project at Mandala Seeds. We continue to test seeds from the parental breeding lines to discover outstanding plants and refresh or update the genetic cross. The success of Satori relies on the strict quality control of our breeders and selecting the best parents in a large population of candidates over many years.

Data sheet

THCVery High (20% or +)
% THC23 - 28
GenderRegular (non feminized)
FloweringMedian: 10 - 12 weeks
Flowering Time (days)70
Outdoor HarvestMid October
Yield Indoor (g/m2)550 - 600
Yield Outdoor850 - 1200
FlavorEarthy, Pine, Mango
EffectsEuphoric, Creative, Uplifted, Happy, Energetic
Medicinal UseStress, Depression

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cheapest seeds around
Top Sativa
Wao, its pretty strong. Pretty plant Lite green with big leaves, but not too much, Hard to cut to clones , cause stem is very short. take time to grow 4month, But' Its worth it taste pretty good, but hits hard. Lasts long time. It is a keeper.

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