Jelly Cakes by Holy Smoke Seeds

Discover the Jelly Cake of Holy Smoke Seeds, their last creation of the Ice Cream Cake range. Enjoy an Indica-dominant genetics for lovers of strains with intense flavors, rarely experienced with other genetics available on the market.

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 Jelly Cake will quickly become a favorite in your weed stash, but also one of the most enjoyable strains to grow in your cannabis garden.  

Jelly Cake, a vigorous and generous Indica

To create this genetics, the team of breeders of Holy Smoke Seeds crossed the Forbidden Jelly, a Sativa genetics which adapts very well to the indoor cultivation with a short flowering period, with the Ice Cream Cake. The latter is the result of crossing two cannabis champions, Wedding Cake and the famous Gelato #33, to obtain extremely resinous and narcotic plants, ideal for nighttime consumption.

The result of this cross is a hybrid genetics with a strong Indica dominance, which adapts very well to indoor and outdoor cultivation. Thanks to the Sativa touch in its parents, Jelly Cake has a vigorous growth and development which makes it very suitable for all cultivation techniques. With a slightly longer growth, it will be possible to work the branches to produce even more productive small bushes.

Indoors, it will take 9 to 10 weeks of flowering after the change of photoperiod to be harvested. It benefits from its hybrid vigor, growing strongly at the change of cycle, but it is also quite controllable, even for novice growers. Outdoors, it can be harvested in the first weeks of October. Therefore, with its compact buds, it should be avoided in geographical areas with humid ends of the season, because of the risk of mold problems.

Jelly Cake: kiwi candy flavors with devastating effects

The flavors will be extremely fruity and sweet. When tasting, you will enjoy a concentration of terpenes reminiscent of caramel flavors with hints of kiwi and watermelon. With its intense flavors, it will be hard to resist this genetics and, however generous the harvest, it will be difficult to keep it in your weed stash for long.

The effects are deeply narcotic, as you would expect from an Indica-dominant strain. The sensations are intense and obviously not to be taken lightly. Novice users should consume with caution, as they risk being surprised by unwanted effects. It is possible to feel the effects very quickly after the first puff, and the sensations last for a long time before gradually fading away.

The impressive resin production produced by this genetics allows any type of resin extraction. It produces very interesting yields, either to make Hashich dry or with water and ice as the Ice O Lator, but also to make BHO or Rosin. In all cases, the flavors will be intense and intoxicating, to obtain unforgettable extraction results.

Data sheet

THCVery High (20% or +)
% THC25
LineageForbidden Jelly x Ice Cream Cake
VarietyMostly Indica
FloweringShort: 7 - 9 weeks
Flowering Time (days)65
Outdoor HarvestEarly October

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