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Critical 2.0 Auto by Oaseeds

The variety most demanded in the Spanish market of history and not surprising, since it enjoys all the virtues that we can look for in a cannabis plant.

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Its genetics comes from the Big Bud, a hybrid created on the west coast of the USA and that arrived in Europe in the early 80's.

Basically it is a Skunk phenotype, but very special because it grows as a sativa, with a lot of vigor, long internodes and stems not very thick, ungulate structure and leaves with fine leaflets, but when it starts to bloom form buds as an indica, filling The knots of flowers that manage to create really dense and heavy buds. It is recommended that all branches be well rooted to produce more than if the stems are bent.

The taste is a pure, sweet, floral and skunky delicacy that lingers in the mouth for a long time and makes salivate by its intensity.

Critical 2.0 auto is possibly the best auto version of the market, because it recreates with great fidelity all the virtues that made Critical famous but with the advantages of automatic ones.

It is a very easy to grow plant, highly recommended for beginners because of its hardness and versatility, because it admits many of the most common mistakes that begin to grow.


70 days from its germination.

Flavor / aroma:

Very intense, sweet Skunky with floral nuances.

Production: 100 to 300 g/plant (outdoor) 50 to 250 g/m2 (indoor)


Very physically stimulating with slight brain activity.

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Customer reviews

Very very very nice taste and smell. I think i'll eat it
pousse tres bien pousse fort
great stealth! cool freebies!! just dropped a few waiting on sprouts!
nothing to complain...
100% germination, Really nice and easy weed to grow, super resilient. Cold weather will shunt it in the first few weeks after germination, otherwise, fantastic gene.
Received my order on time with plenty of freebies. Will order again.
+95% germination. Great plant, stable gene and easy to grow, good yield. Tasty buds with a mellow high and a good resin production.
Sorry...3 von 3 Samen nicht gekeimt. 3 Sterne für den Service von Oaseeds.
This is a strong plant - I was a bad parent, making all the nooby mistakes, but it survived together with her auto northern lights sibling. Germinated after 2 days in a jiffy. I than accidentally hurt her root, put it in wrong substrate (high mineral flower earth), with light coming from the sides, lack of oxigen, too much water. Transplanted it twice, it almost died. First 6 weeks almost receiv
perfecto. todas germinadas y creciendo... envio rappido y buenos regalos
germination 100%
If you need to go deep to your inner self, and stay side by side to your dark side its right skunky type Stuff. OR in simple words, Good skunky like indica.
Super. Faite en extérieur puis le dernier mois à l'intérieur. 190 gr/plantes et, du tip top. Fait 8 gr de bubble hash avec manucure de 2 plantes
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