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We have created a Mexican variety which is really strong and has a Sativa tropical rise. This variety has beneficial and contrasted effects in the organism, and also an amazing dose of happiness.

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Crystal Meth is the result of the mixture of one really important genetic collection like Early Skunk, TrainWreck, Hawai and Ruderalis. One Mexican hybrid that rises as the proud of our investigation team.

This marijuana plant has become the model of our Fast Buds brand thanks of its adaptability in the harvest, its generous production until 600 g/m2, and thanks to the powerful effects that produces in the organism.

It has a feminized and auto-flowering genetic: it has a medium blooming of 8-9 weeks, which converts it into the ideal candidate for the novice or expert cultivators who are anxious for a fast, secure and without complications harvest. The plant will be mature between 65-70 days approximately.

We have achieved a safe germination in about 5 days. Thereafter, this specimen starts growing in a compact way. During the first two blooming weeks the plant is light green, almost yellow, but little by little the leaves take the form of a can-can skirt, and they compact around a trunk forming a central bud that measures 5cm of diameter.

From the fifth week the colour show starts; the leaves turn more red, like beetroot, the green becomes darker, almost black purple.

The plant has a regular growth that reaches 90cm, but can also reach 120cm, for this reason is recommendable to use a flowerpot of 10 litters. It is a plant both for interior or exterior cultivations.

We recommend you to give them enough space in order to have a successful development of its strong branches growth. Moreover, we also recommend you to use fertilizers, since is a gluttonous plant which loves eating and responds in a good way to the nutrients. You should also have into account that is Ph sensitive, so revise the levels of them often.

Because of its mother genetic, the hearts are totally covered of white trichomes during its summit moment. It seems that the plant has icing sugar. For this reason it is named Crystal Meth. This variety is a show for the cultivator produced by the Mother Nature. It is really impressive.

Its resin, abundant and with a high quality, is underlined by its composition: 20% of THC and 1% of CBD.

Its smell during its growth is faint, for this reason it doesn’t need filters and has a really pleasant flavour, almost bittersweet, with a light hint of nuts; nuts, hazelnut and light citric hints.

Crystal Meth offers a cheerful and pleasant rise, extremely positive. The effects increase progressively, culminating the cerebral blow and a strong wobble legs. An experience of the most pure “Mexican tequila” which has a physical oscillation effect without dizziness.

This variety is for those consumers who look for pleasure, mental relaxation and strong emotions. Crystal Meth is a safe window to the happiness.

Data sheet

THCVery High (20% or +)
% THC20
CBD1, Medium (1 - 5%)
LineageMexican x Early Skunk x TrainWreck x Hawaii x Ruderalis
Life CycleShort: under 75 days
Harvest Time From Seed (days)63
Yield Indoor (g/m2)600
Outdoor Height (cm)70 - 120
FlavorTree Fruit, Apricot, Citrus
EffectsEnergetic, Relaxed
Medicinal UsePain, Stress


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didn't crack
08/12 - Crystal Meth (2) popped/sprouted in 4 days in just regular old fashioned dirt.09/05 One of the CM is flowering, only has 5/6 nodes on it and 3 weeks old.(24 days) Other one got vandalized (animal ate it?)10/02 In the home stretch, I think i needed to keep night lights higher for this one. It ended up kinda short/stunted.Getting last(micro) feeding today and then we flush.I

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