Dr. Berry CBD by Taima Seeds

Variety with a very high profile of therapeutic cannabinoids, 24% CBD, 0'51% THC and a fruity flavor.

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Characteristics of Dr. Berry CBD
With Dr. Berry CBD we have done a really exceptional breeding work with which we have managed to eliminate all the psychoactive effects of cannabis while maximizing all its possibilities in the medical field.

We are talking about what is probably the variety of feminized cannabis with the highest medicinal value in the market, a feature that makes our Dr. Berry CBD a unique tool for the relief of multiple ailments without the need to resort to aggressive chemical drugs with the body.

This wonderful plant can be the alternative for many chronic patients abhorred and deteriorated by the continued use of drugs, giving them the possibility of being able to grow their own medicine.

Cultivation and yield
Dr. Berry CBD is a very easy to grow plant, which makes it perfect for those who want to start growing their own medicine but have no previous experience in the world.

In indoor growing is a variety that behaves very well, growing strong and resistant to multiple stress factors (water, heat ...) as well as the attack of various pests so with little care you can get a quality harvest.

With a mixed morphology between Indica and Sativa plants, these queens have a flowering period that extends up to 65 days, although it is possible that it needs some more days to finish its maturation. At the time of cutting it is easy to reach yields of 500 grams per square meter, and can reach 550.

Grown outdoors is where our doctor feels more comfortable, and many novice users will find it easier to grow the plant in a pot in the sun than having to set up an indoor room.

It grows very vigorously in the open air, forming large plants that can reach 3 meters if grown in the field, as the roots can grow without limits and the bushes will know how to take advantage of it. If you use pots we recommend that you make successive transplants until you reach a definitive pot of at least 25L.

The harvest will be ready for the last week of October and its yield can be amazing since these small plants can produce 1 Kg of dry bud without any problem.

Aroma and taste
Dr. Berry CBD is also a champion in this aspect and leaves everyone fascinated with the organoleptic quality it offers, full of nuances, sweet and attractive smells that attract even those who do not consume marijuana.

As the flowering progresses and when the harvest arrives, you can clearly smell that fragrance of blueberries, berries, blackberries .... that will make you feel an inexplicable pleasure, strongly reminding us of the best Blueberry you've ever tasted.

When you smoke it, it leaves you speechless because it tastes exactly as it smells, even finding some nuances of wet earth when releasing the smoke that give the finishing touch to this natural medicine.

Effect and potency
We are faced with a unique variety on the market with levels of 0.51% THC and 24% CBD that make it become a real medicine of natural origin.

With this amazing ratio of THC: CBD, the psychoactive effects of this variety are absolutely eradicated, getting only and exclusively a purely medicinal effect.

When consuming it you will feel that its mental effects do not go beyond a pleasant relaxation, so enjoy it and feel the physical benefits that brings the beloved Dr. Berry.

As we have been saying we are facing one of the strains with the most therapeutic properties that have been seen today, we can safely say that it will meet your consumption needs.

Due to the enormous load of CBD it contains and the terpenes that this variety develops, it is especially indicated as an anticonvulsant and as an antiemetic (given its proven effectiveness), it also works great for treating problems of insomnia, stress, chronic pain, muscle spasms or fibromyalgia, giving the consumer a relief effect against these situations and thus avoiding the consumption of drugs with countless negative side effects on health.

Dr. Berry CBD from Taima Seeds contains a large amount of terpenes among which Terpinolene, Delta-3-Carene and Isopulegol stand out for their healing applications and their enormous content.

How to plant Dr. Berry CBD?
It is very easy to grow and our recommendation is to plant it outdoors (as you will get its maximum production), in the field if possible and if not in a large pot where it also responds wonderfully growing strong and productive.

We recommend for beginners the use of a complete substrate to avoid fertilizers and thus make easier the task of caring for them, and a last tip will be that you protect them from rain during the flowering phase.

What terpenes dominate in Dr. Berry CBD and what are their properties?
In the composition we find a great variety of terpenes, here we explain briefly the three most present in Dr. Berry CBD:

Isopulegol: has proven properties and applications as an antidepressant.
Delta-3-carene: terpene with sweet and earthy fragrance abundant in many plants and trees, considered as a natural antihistamine.
Terpinolene: this is one of the responsible for the fruity and citrus aromas, several studies confirm its sedative capacity to treat insomnia or anxiety.

Data sheet

THCLow (5-10%)
% THC0,51
CBDHigh (5% or +)
% CBD24
LineageACDC/SOUR x Confidencial sativa
FloweringShort: 7 - 9 weeks
Flowering Time (days)60 – 65
Outdoor HarvestEarly October
Yield Indoor (g/m2)500 – 550
Yield Outdoor1000 – 1200
Outdoor Height (cm)200 – 300
FlavorTropical, Tree Fruit, Earthy

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