Super Malawi Haze von Ace Seeds Hanfsamen | Oaseeds
Super Malawi Haze von Ace Seeds Hanfsamen | Oaseeds

Super Malawi Haze von Ace Seeds

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With Super Malawi Haze we continue to explore and expand the best possible genetic combinations between different high quality Haze lines and our best parents of our powerful Malawi sativa.

Super Malawi Haze is a direct hybrid between a Nevil's Haze mother selected by Nevil himself in the late 80's and our best killer phenotypes from Malawi. The result is a super hybrid practically pure sativa (90%), extremely vigorous, gigantic yields, which produces huge tails, very resinous, excellent density and flower / leaf ratio, which unite forming huge floral structures that take on monumental proportions.

The terpenes of the pure Haze A and C parents that make up Nevil's Haze are dominant in this hybrid: sweet and floral aromas of Central American sativa, incensed and woody aromas of classic Haze, with the resinous and fermented background of Malawi that adds depth.

While both Super Malawi Haze and Purple Haze x Malawi offer the most cerebral, energetic and least narcotic effects within the Haze/Malawi genotypes, Purple Haze x Malawi is a true F1 hybrid and therefore much more uniform, producing a single main phenotype, much wilder and more tropical behaviour, while in Super Malawi Haze, even having that pure sativa personality, we focus on producing a much more potent hybrid, tamed and productive, more resinous, with more THC and terpenes, better adaptability to indoor crops and with a shorter flowering time than Purple Haze x Malawi. Although Super Malawi Haze is a polyhybrid, it is more variable, being able to find 3 main phenotypes, being the first 2 the most frequent:

- Nevil's Haze phenotype: Very consistent phenotype and faithful to the best features of Haze tamed and 'cycled on steroids' characteristic of the original mother Nevil's Haze: high plants, super vigorous, enormous productions, producing very dense and resinous flowers, excellent flower/leaf ratio and moderate / long flowering time. It is easily recognizable by its characteristic reddish/orange long pistils of Central American sativa and by its unmistakable profile of sweet, floral and incensed terpenes of ancient Haze. Flowering time: 85-90 days.

- Malawi phenotype: This more African phenotype is also easy to recognize by maturing with the distinctive gold/silver look of Malawi. Its enormous vigour and overflowing production of dense, resinous flowers with very little leaf are comparable to Nevil's Haze phenotype. Oily, resinous and woody aromas typical of Malawi's most malefic murderous fenos. Flowering time: approximately 85 days.

Almost pure Haze phenotype: This is the most variable and least frequent phenotype (less than 10 %), with a very high and languid development of wild tropical sativa, less productive and resinous, and longer flowering than the 2 main phenotypes described above. Although this phenotype may be of great interest to those looking for the wildest Haze expressions (almost Oldtimer's Haze type), as well as interesting genetic recombinations of almost pure Haze from Haze A and C males. Flowering time: 90-120 days.

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