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PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama
PCK x Panama

PCK x Panama (Ace Seeds)

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PCK x Panama from Ace Seeds is a feminized marijuana seed with a lot of potential. It is a hybrid of cannabis from a select cross: Pakistan Chitral Kush elite 2002 x Panama Goddess elite 10th generation.

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An excellent combination of one of the best sativas and the PCK, which offers as a result, a spectacular plant that masterfully combines the best of both worlds.

PCK x Panama is a beautiful marijuana plant full of color, a delight to the eye are its purple and reddish tones inherited from Panama with the pinkish pistils of the PCK, Its size is medium, manageable and blooms fast, with a production of resinous buds abundant, whether grown indoors or outdoors. It is a plant that demonstrates good resistance in extreme conditions such as cold or heat, pests and diseases, being a good asset for less experienced cannabiculturists.

The aroma and flavor of PCK x Panama are rich and complex, highlight the smell of strawberry gum and blackberry with coffee notes perfectly matched with hints of lemon and incense from Panama. Its effect is delicious, relaxing, invites meditation and introspection.

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Hoch (15-20%)
Short: 7 - 9 weeks
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