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At ACE Seeds we've outdone ourselves again with Killer A5 Haze, creating a 'monster' new sativa hybrid that has the potential to produce the most potent and highest THC plants in our catalogue.

A5 Haze is one of the rarest (and probably the most potent) mothers in the Haze elite Dutch clone family of Haze hybrids that Nevil Schoenmakers developed in the late 1980s and still have. This Northern Lights #5/HazeA mother is characterised by extreme tripose and devastating potency, high production and authentic Dutch Haze 'old school' organic, incensed and meaty aromas with greater influence of ancient Colombian sativa. The rarity of this A5 Haze mother is that Nevil lost the Haze A male very early, so seeds were never produced in commercial quantities with this Haze A male.

With Killer A5 Haze our main objective was to create a dominant sativa hybrid that would maintain (and even surpass) the extreme potency, high vigour and high production of mother A5, and we have achieved this by hybridising it with the killer phenotypes of our powerful Malawi, with which we have further increased the THC contents to reach 30% (limit values that the cannabis plant can produce), at the same time that we have considerably increased resin production and trichome size, and reduced the long flowering time of the A5 Haze to more moderate flowering times (both indoors and in its quicker reaction to outdoor flowering) without having to introduce indica genetics. Despite its great sativa vigour and very high production, Killer A5 Haze grows with a contained and manageable size, being our dominant sativa hybrid with the highest production per m2.

In Killer A5 Haze we find 4 phenotypes: - Dominant Haze phenotype: This phenotype shows the greatest influence of Colombian sativa from the Haze A male, producing huge and beautiful tails of excellent flower/leaf ratio, which mature with elegant and delicate reflorations. Woody and incensed aromas of pure Haze. The resin production of this phenotype is good, but not as extreme as in the following 3 phenotypes. Flowering time: 75-90 days.

- NL/Haze phenus: This is the phenus with the greatest influence indica from the Northern Lights, and therefore the one with the smallest size, fastest flowering and lowest flower/leaf ratio. It is also the most faithful phenom to the characteristics of the original A5 Haze mother, producing very resinous rounded flowers of silvery aspect, which produces characteristic reflorations with horn shape at the end of flowering. Incensed aromas, meat (liver) and organic petals of flowers in decomposition. Flowering time: 66-80 days.

- Feno Haze/Malawi: Feno sativa dominant and balanced in terms of characteristics from both Haze A and Malawi. It produces enormous, very dense tails, of excellent leaf flower ratio, with the shining resins of our Malawi. It produces slight final reflorations, although not as 'obscene' as in the first 2 stages. Incense and woody aromas of Haze, with the oily and resinous background of Malawi. Flowering time: 75-85 days.

- Silver Malawi phenotype: 'Monstrous' sativa phenotype with the greatest influence of Malawi. Ratio flower/leaf incredibly high, very high production, with the classic huge trichomes and ovaries of our Malawi, and with a prodigious production of resins that give it an aggressive silvery appearance when maturing, taking the characteristics of the murderous phenotypes of Malawi to very extreme levels, rarely reached before. Flowering time: 75-85 days.

Killer A5 Haze is one of the first collaborative projects between ACE Seeds and Yo Sammy, one of the members of the small group of Southern Dutch growers who have been preserving Nevil's elite Haze hybrid clones for almost 3 decades. These 'old school' Dutch Haze elite clones were in the Netherlands in the 1990s the fundamental parents with whom the best Haze hybrids in history were developed. Unfortunately, the best sativa qualities of these legendary Haze hybrids, and that unique profile of incensed terpenes that became globally recognized as the best sativa hybrids were diluted and brutalized (especially since 2 decades ago) to be always mixed with indica or skunk genetics in an attempt to shorten their flowering.

In these new projects, our priority will be to try to create 'new tops' of Haze sativa breeding, crossing these old Dutch Haze elite clones with elite parents of our most worked sativa varieties, and organoleptically also experimenting with different types of incense by hybridising elite parents in this aspect.

We would especially like to thank Karma for rescuing mother A5 Haze, and offering her to us for the development of Killer A5 Haze.

Data sheet

THCSehr hoch (20% oder +)
% THC23-30 %
% CBG0.3 %
AbstammungA5 Haze de Nevil (Northern Ligths #5/HazeA) x Malawi asesina.
SorteZum größten Teil Sativa
FloweringMedian: 10 - 12 weeks
Außen ErnteEnde Oktober, November

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