Terms and conditions of use and purchase

1. General information of the website

According to Law 34/2002, dated 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE), we inform you about the general data of this website:

Company: Global Web Market SL
NIF: B54742531
Domain name: oaseeds.com
Address: Calle Gandia, 2 local 12, 03509 Finestrat Alicante) Spain
Email: info@oaseeds.com
Phone number: (+34) 965 850 667

2. General conditions of access and use of services

This document establishes the conditions of access and use of https://oaseeds.com (hereinafter “WEBSITE”) that Global Web Market SL offers to the Internet users.


The purpose of this WEBSITE is the sale to people of the legal age of cannabis seeds as collectable adult genetic preservation souvenirs.

The registered users can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest offers and news from the sector.

Acceptance of the general conditions

The use of the services and contents of this WEBSITE by the user assumes and implies the express acceptance of the terms set out in these general conditions.

Declarations, duties and limitations

Users declare that they are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound to these general conditions, use our services and place orders on this WEBSITE.

The user acknowledges and accepts, expressly and without exceptions, that the access to this WEBSITE and the use of its services and contents are made freely and consciously, under his exclusive responsibility.

The user undertakes to make diligent use of the services and contents of this WEBSITE in accordance to the legal regulations, moral, public order and these general conditions.

The user also undertakes no to use these services and contents for illegal purposes and/or infringe the copyrights or any other legislation of the applicable legal system.

The user undertakes to provide truthful, accurate and valid data in the forms in which it is required.

The registered user should try to keep his account information updated. This WEBSITE reserves the right to cancel any account with false or invalid data, also inoperative accounts.

The registered user is the only person responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password. The user will also be responsible for any activity on his account.

The registered user should always log out before leaving this WEBSITE. He agrees to notify immediately any unauthorized use of his account or password.

Downloading of the contents of this WEBSITE is solely authorized if copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual and industrial property rights are respected.

Modifying, broadcasting, distributing, copying or any other use of the contents of this WEBSITE for public or commercial purposes, in whole or in part, and including images, is not permitted.

Industrial and intellectual property rights

The contents of this WEBSITE (including, but not limited to, icons, texts, graphics, images, databases) are property of Global Web Market SL, its collaborators or product suppliers and are protected by the national and international rules of patent, industrial, intellectual and trademark rights.

Any act of transmission, distribution, broadcasting, reproduction, readying or storage, in part or whole, of the contents stored in this WEBSITE carried out for commercial purposes or profit is expressively prohibited unless being previously authorized by the right holders.

The compilation "selection, ordering and assembly" of all contents of this WEBSITE is the exclusive property of Global Web Market SL and is protected by national and international rules of patent, industrial, intellectual and trademark rights.

The modification, distribution, reproduction, public communication or other use, in whole or in part, of the contents and structure of this WEBSITE with public or commercial purposes constitutes a violation of the current legislation of patent, industrial, intellectual and trademark rights.

Infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties

In the event that any user or third party considers that the contents and products of this WEBSITE infringe their intellectual or industrial property rights, he is required to send a notification to Global Web Market SL with the following information:

  • The claimant's personal data: full name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Authentic signature or equivalent and personal data of the holder of the purportedly broken property rights, or the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the purportedly broken property rights. The authorized person will have to present the corresponding certificate of representation of the holder of the purportedly broken property rights.
  • A detailed and comprehensive description of the contents protected by the purportedly broken property rights, the specific location on the WEBSITE and the corresponding supporting documentation.
  • The claimant's express statement asserting that the use of the contents has been made without the consent of the owner of the purportedly broken property rights.
  • Express and clear statement, under the responsibility of the claimant, that the information provided in the notification is accurate and the use of any of the contents and products of the website infringes the intellectual, industrial, trademark or patent property rights of the owner.

This documentation must be sent to: info@oaseeds.com or Global Web Market SL, P.O. Box 136 - 03501 Benidorm (Alicante) Spain.

Hyperlink policy

Any users that wish to link any page of this WEBSITE to other web portals must meet the following conditions:

  • No part of the contents and services of this WEBSITE may be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior and express authorization of Global Web Market SL.
  • No deep-links, IMG or image links, or frames with the pages of this WEBSITE, in whole or in part, may be established without prior and express authorization of Global Web Market SL.
  • No false, inexact or incorrect information may be included concerning the pages, services and/or contents of this WEBSITE.
  • Apart from the signs that form part of the hyperlink, the website featuring the hyperlink may not contain any trademark, commercial name, establishment emblem, designation, logo, slogan or other distinctive sign that belong to Global Web Market SL unless prior and express authorization is obtained.
  • The inclusion of a hyperlink in no case implies the existence of a commercial relationship between Global Web Market SL and the owner of the website including the hyperlink, nor does it imply the acknowledgement or acceptance by Global Web Market SL of the services/contents of that website.
  • Global Web Market SL will not be responsible for the content, services, information and/or statements made available to the public on the web page or portal from which the hyperlink is made.

This WEBSITE provides links and connections to other websites controlled and managed by third parties.

The exclusive function of these links is to facilitate online searches for information, contents and services for users; in no case may they be regarded as a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit these sites.

Global Web Market SL does not market, direct, control or endorse the contents, services, information and statements available on said websites. Global Web Market SL assumes no liability, not even indirect or subsidiary, for damages and losses of any kind which may derive from the access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the said contents and which may be accessed through the Global Web Market SL website.

Liability disclaimer and access to the website by persons under 18 years

This WEBSITE has been created in good faith by Global Web Market SL using information from both internal and external sources and legally obtained. Still, Global Web Market SL does not guarantee the reliability and usefulness of the content, nor its veracity or accuracy.

All product information is provided 'as is', for informational and educational purposes only.

Global Web Market SL takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the use of the content, services and products by the users.

This WEBSITE does not control or guarantee the absence of viruses in the content, which could alter the user's IT or his operative systems, or the electronic documents and files stored in their systems. No liability can be accepted for any damages caused by computer viruses.

This WEBSITE doesn't guarantee the permanent availability or continuity of the WEBSITE's services, nor its continued online presence.

This WEBSITE and the contents stored in it are exclusively aimed at people over the age of 18.

Global Web Market SL takes no responsibility for any user under the age of 18 accessing the WEBSITE by providing inaccurate, false or inexact personal data. Still, if Global Web Market SL detects the existence of a user account that could belong to a person under the age of 18, it reserves the right to contact this user and ask him to send a copy of his ID card within the following 48 hours to prove his identity. This documentation must be sent to info@oaseeds.com. If the user ignores this requirement, Global Web Market SL reserves the right to cancel the user's account and block his access to the website. Additionally, if a user under the age of 18 or whose account has been cancelled had placed an order Global Web Market SL reserves the right to cancel this order and refund the amount through the same payment method chosen by the user, or through any other method agreed by both parties.

Rights reserved

This WEBSITE reserves the right to perform modifications, inclusions and exclusions of the contents and services provided to the users without prior notice and unilaterally.

This WEBSITE reserves the right to perform modifications on these general conditions.

Any inclusion or modification is subjected to these general conditions.

Purchase terms and conditions

Credit card

Visa, Mastercard or Maestro, as well as any other debit card. We provide the most secure payment method, verified by Visa and with 128-bit encryption. During the purchase process, and prior to introducing any data, the user is redirected to the website of the bank entity where the credit card data is introduced. In this way, information exchange is performed on the bank website, not on ours. In no case Global Web Market SL will have access to the user's bank data.

Unauthorized transactions may be caused by cards not enabled to operate in a secure environment. Your bank will quickly solve this problem.

Cash-on-delivery (valid for Spain - mainland)

We accept cash-on-delivery for orders below a value of 500 euros. If the value of your order is above 500 euros you can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

This payment option does not entail any added expenses. There is no charge for cash on delivery.

Bank transfer


You can deposit or transfer the amount of your order directly to our bank account. Please use the following data:

Remember to indicate your full name and order number (reference).

Bank Entity1: ING DIRECT
Recipient's name: Global Web Market SL
IBAN: ES35 1465 0100 9119 0028 9928
BIC Code (Swift Code): INGDESMMXXX

After receiving the total amount of your order (commission costs are charged to the customer) we'll notify you via email the acceptance of the payment.

For orders coming outside the euro zone, Global Web Market SL reserves the right to ask the customer for the economic difference derived from currency exchange, or to reduce the amount of products ordered until meeting this loss.

Prices and taxes

The prices shown in your shopping cart include value-added tax (VAT/IVA) but don't include shipping costs. These will be calculated when processing the order.

V.A.T. (IVA) will be applicable to purchases made by natural persons with residence in the European Union.

V.A.T. (IVA) will not be applicable to purchases made by natural and legal persons with residence in countries outside the European Union.

You can visit the database of the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission. to check the customs tariffs on importation applicable to different countries around the world. You will be asked to introduce the corresponding TARIC code to consult these tariffs. You will find the needed TARIC code on this other page here.


Shipping to your home:

  • Mainland Spain: Delivery time is 24/48 hours except public holidays.
  • Spain Balears Islands: Delivery time is 48/72 hours except public holidays.
  • European Union: Delivery time is 3-5 business days.
  • Rest of the world: Delivery time is 10-15 business days depending on area.

In the event of non-compliance of the delivery date, Global Web Market SL will notify the user the reason for the delay and offer alternative solutions.

We'll send you an email with your expedition number so you can track your package online after we receive the payment. This expedition number will be sent on Monday/Tuesday in the case that the order is placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Global Web Market SL does not assume responsibility for the delays caused by the customs services of the countries receiving or circulating the goods.

Global Web Market SL is in no case responsible for shipments confiscated by customs or similar agencies. Please contact the corresponding organizations of your country for further information.


In case of error, the purchaser has a period of 72 hours after receipt of the order to carry out the corresponding claim by sending a mail to info@oaseeds.com.

After this period, we understand that the purchaser has received the goods satisfactorily.

Products must be returned within 14 business days after your order was delivered by sending an email to info@oaseeds.com or filling the withdrawal form that we provide down below and sending it by postal or electronic mail. In 24 hours you'll receive all the instructions to proceed. This is the most effective and easy method.

Remember that your order must be sent together with a copy of the delivery note, purchase receipt or invoice.

In the case of international shipments, the tracking number provided by the transport company must also be indicated.

We won't accept return of sealed goods/products.

We won't accept second claims.

We won't accept claims after 3 months from the purchase date.

Claims about from our Gift section will not be accepted or freebies.

All claims and refunds are a priority.

Global Web Market SL will refund the amount received from the user through the same payment method selected for the purchase, except in cash-on-delivery shipments, which will be reimbursed through bank transfer to the user account (or any other method agreed by both parties); and within 14 calendar days from the user's withdrawal notification. The purchaser can also get a voucher for the same amount of the purchase, which he/she can use within 6 months from its reception.

To make a claim under this warranty, please contact info@oaseeds.com. You'll get all the information within 24 hours.

Seed return: specificities

Cannabis Sativa seeds can only be germinated in certain countries in which it is authorized by the Law.

Claims about seeds that do not germinate shall be accepted as long as the seed bank accepts their return and we receive the claim form properly fulfilled. You must keep the original packaging for any claim.

The purchaser is responsible for being aware of the Laws in his country and act according to them. Global Web Market SL is not responsible for illegal uses of our products carried out by third parties.

Claims about seeds from our "Gift" section will not be accepted.

Claims about 20% or less of the content of the seed packet will not be accepted.


In accordance to the current regulations RDL 1/2007 of 16 November, all products of lasting nature without expiry date will have a warranty of 2 years.

The warranty of all products with expiry date will last until this expiry date, with a maximum of 2 years from the day of purchase.

After the first 6 months and until 2 years a peritation of the product will be needed in order to check if the failure comes from the factory or from misuse.

The warranty will not be valid in products damaged from impacts, misuse or improper use or handling, as well as worn-out equipment due to normal use.

In case that the product is replaced, the warranty won't be extended but will be the same as when the first product was delivered.

Global Web Market SL is not responsible for any delay caused by the Customs offices of the receiving countries or movement of goods.

The issue of cannabis seed sales

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (1961) amended by the Protocol of 1972 and ratified by the Spanish State, provides the control of flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant, as well as resin obtained from the cannabis plant, but explicitly excludes seeds.

In Spain, the sale of seeds does not constitute a crime if their cultivation is not intended for trafficking. Global Web Market SL exclusively sales seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir.

It is duty of the user to be aware of the laws in his country with regard to cannabis.

Global Web Market SL does not want to induce anyone to act in conflict with their country's current law.

Global Web Market SL refuses to sell cannabis seeds to anyone we have reason to believe is going to cultivate them in a country where it is illegal to cultivate them.

The user agrees not to use the services and contents of the WEBSITE to carry out illicit activities that may constitute a crime and/or infringe the copyrights or patent rights or any other rules of the applicable legislation.

Global Web Market SL does not accept responsibility for any misuse of the seeds we sell.

Global Web Market SL is not responsible for illegal uses of our products carried out by third parties.

Global Web Market SL encourages its users to act responsibly.

Applicable law, jurisdiction and settlement of on-line complaints

These general terms and conditions are ruled by Spanish laws.

Global Web Market SL and the user, both parties expressly waive any other privileges that might correspond to them and agree to submit to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Law Courts and Tribunals of Benidorm for any controversy that may be derived from the application of any services rendered and which are the object of these Conditions for Use and the particular conditions defined in the "Payment method" section of this website.

Additionally, we inform the users that they can resolve any conflict with Global Web Market SL through the Online Dispute Resolution platform.

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