How Can Weed Legalization Make the World a Better Place

How Can Weed Legalization Make the World a Better Place

Approaching cannabis legalization from different aspects is one of the best ways to enlighten many people about why it is high time to legalize the herb, which has been taunted for its many health benefits, including pain relief, nausea (chemotherapy) and wasting (AIDS) and more.   

Almost every single day, scientists have been confirming how positive effects cannabis has even for cancer patients, who are noting how cannabis use is a salvation for them. Who are we to deny their cure access?

But we’re tackling the issue not only from one standpoint, although scientists and researchers since the late 90s have documented and reported how medical marijuana could help patients.

Then, we should take into account the economic impact’ of its legalization that in the recent years you’ve probably witnessed global support shifting from anti to pro.

Researchers and studies in the medical field have also highlighted how this herb is not causing serious addiction and that any withdrawal symptoms are comparatively milder and not life-threatening than those from quitting other drugs and alcohol are.

How are we to judge those who enjoy themselves using wax concentrates on wax vape pen?  And why we’re not skeptical at all in other drugs, such as nicotine from cigarette and alcohol, which can also damage health?  Is cannabis bad for health? Perhaps, it is. Well, it’s just like other drugs. If you use it for long periods and heavily at that, it could also make you sick. For that, you might as well go for herb vaporizers.

And on technology, you can probably notice the introduction of many cannabis-related products on the market, and in fact, crowd projects are also being introduced every now and then.

The Economic Aspect of Weed Legalization

Admit it or not, cannabis legalization can greatly affect the world’s economy. If marijuana businesses would be able to remit taxes to the government, more healthcare projects, school buildings and community efforts can be realized instead of cannabis income going into the pockets of criminal groups.

How much tax is involved? Let us take the Netherlands for example.   Cannabis cafes in this country are making $3.2 million annually – and its government can collect up to 600 million in cannabis taxes.

Simply stated, if the same would happen in many jurisdictions and countries, won’t legalization remit more tax money for better security and more jobs? Just take Colorado as another example.  It has collected more than US$500M on marijuana taxes since cannabis legalization and about 51% of it was used for education.

Medical Issue

The legalization of cannabis will make the world a healthier place because it will support safer and healthier behaviors, such as the use of herb vaporizers and correct cannabis dosage for pain and ailments per doctor prescription.

Consistent, correct and clear information about cannabis use along with its benefits and risks will also be out.  

Legalizing marijuana, consumers can ensure high-quality cannabis-based products, which would be free from harmful byproducts and pesticides present from the growing to the packaging process.

Shop operations, including stores selling wax vape pen, will also be regulated and controlled.

The use of cannabis in workplaces and public spaces will also be included in the bylaws and policies for smoking and alcohol use.

Illegal growers using dangerous chemicals such as rodenticides and pesticides will be closed.  

[These chemicals pose threat to wildlife, environment, and humans in general.  Toxic substances scattered in forests are dangerous for human contact. For example is a substance in rodenticides, Carbofuran. It can cause nausea, convulsion and sometimes death.]


How Legalization Affects Organized Crime

In the recent years, legalization of marijuana in the US has made a big blow to the drug cartels of Mexico. Prices dropped by as much as 70% and its industry collapsed. The illegal dealers and operators suffered from the big hit.  Before, drug cartels and other organized criminal groups had been receiving 70% of their total revenue from cannabis trade, profiting from the huge demand of US where cannabis was heavily exported (70% supply from Mexico).

Today, this figure has dramatically dropped to only 20%. It only means that the partial cannabis legalization has wiped out much of the lifeblood of the cartel. Those illegal dealers without fund will close business soon.

Legalizing cannabis will make the world a better place

As the industry will be regulated, controlled behaviors will be possible.  Correct and clear information on risks and benefits of cannabis use will also be made available to the public. Revenue from it will be put into use for the betterment of government services including funding researchers, building school buildings and improving the healthcare system, among others. Legalization will also crack down illegal dealers and cartels that threaten the world’s security; that pose risks to environmental and human safety; and that increase crime rates.




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